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WWII Catapult unearthed

MARU 5137

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Yeah sure Maru  ...aircraft catapult ......my ears ....thats a UFO landing pad for when the lizard people came in 1941. ...Harwell went on to be the centre for anti gravity ...the Nuclear Science government lab . 

Even today the saucer is still there , visible on Google earth. 



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1 hour ago, PanzerWomble said:

I know Harwell as it's just down the road from us ( that photo actually is the campus) , but the catapult was a new one . Can't imagine trying to catapult a fully laden Lanc, they struggled at the best of times. 

And besides that item, i wouldn't want to sit in such an aircraft being launched while the main gear tracks are moving along a very very narrow path, so with the possibility of running off those tracks without a guiding system (with only the sling pulling on the bomber) would be a disaster in the making.........just my two p's

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