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SH P-39Q build

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I started this one last week. Decided to do it as "Texas Ed" using some left over decals and parts left over from previous builds. Fortunately all the needed parts are there even though they are all left overs from previous builds.  Coming along okay so far! :)

10-28-23 001.jpg

P-39Q Texas Ed.jpg

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4 minutes ago, Peterpools said:


Just love your P-39 builds ... will be along for the journey or in reality, the quick trip across town.

I know you posted this before, but I can't find where I filed the information on how to do the plug for the length correction.




I just add a 5/16th (or thereabouts) plug.

P-39 002.jpg

P-39 003.jpg

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Painting nearly finished. Next will be a clear gloss then some decalings. If you are wondering about the sand leading edges the decal sheet says the a/c was originally sand but was over sprayed with OD. Prop wash caused sand & dirt to erode the OD and allow the sand paint to show through. I think I'll go back and tone that down some more. Sure makes for a different look.

10-31-23 001.jpg

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57 minutes ago, CANicoll said:

John,  Very cool work!  Love the P-39 and SH is a wonderful kit in 1/32.  Nice work and love the research on the sand base coat.  One of the best things is that the cockpit is so open, with the car doors.


Thanks Chris. It's a nice kit but it does have some fit problems. :)

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8 hours ago, Peterpools said:

Hi Chris

Going to most likely use the same SH kit as John .. only other choice would be the KH kit, and I'm not crazy about going down that route.



Yes, don't even consider that KH kit. I built one and it was a real PITA.

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