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Awesome Customer Service


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As my Kotare Spitfire build is nearing completion, I decided my next project would be to return and finish my Tamiya P-51D and of course I lost the spinner. A quick call on Monday to Tamiya USA, customer service in California and the replacement spinner was in my mailbox today (Wednesday), New York. and at no charge. Tamiya's customer service reflects the quality of their products and second to none. It is what every company's customer service should strive to be. 🏆



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Tamiya USA is great.  I’ve read online that folks in other parts of the world are not so lucky.  When I was building my 5 F-16 Thunderbirds display using the old Revell kits I was ordering decal sheets from them. They were dirt cheap, like $12 per set.  Guys on eBay were asking upwards of $50 per set. 

I still cannot figure out why Tamiya (Japan) pulled that kit off the market.  Even rekitted as something other than the T bird it would be a big seller. 

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