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Phantom Blue Angels coroguard help


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Anyone got any good photos of actual BA F-4J phantoms that show a close up view of the coroguard on the wings LE?  

Model kit instructions show the entire LE panel painted, but distant pics of BA’s in flight show a much smaller area painted. 

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Look closer at pics 3 & 5.  Not even a J model.  I read somewhere that’s a C or a D painted up to look like a BA. Very inaccurate paint job.  I think 4 is a computer generated pic.  Some of yours are good pics that was adding to the confusion.  I did find a YouTube video or two today that shows exactly what I needed.  The coroguard is a small area on the LE, not all the way to the panel lines like that display C or D model.  Note the non slatted stabilizer.  
Your pics are the ones I saw that created all my confusion along with the incorrect painting guide in the Hasegawa 1/48 kit.  
(I say incorrect.  Incorrect for the 1969 BA birds.). 

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