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(WIP) LWS-6 „Żubr” 1:48 Art. of Trans


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Honestly, I don't know what to write other than to show off my new acquisition and that is another 3D printed model from Art of Trans from the 3D Polish Wings series. It is a Polish bomber plane LWS-6 "Żubr" in 1:48. Compared to the first model I built from them, which was PZL.46 "Sum", you can see the improvement in the quality of workmanship. It is more precise, the vacu glazing is also very nicely done. In addition to the printout and the aforementioned vacu glazing, we also have decals in the kit and the instructions are in pdf. And how the model is put together will come out during construction. There are few pictures and the documentation is also very poor but I will try to make something from this kit to please the eyes. My model will represent the serialised version of the LWS-6 A. Below are two boxes of happiness because this is how the LWS-6 "Bison" arrived packed to me.


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Well, I'm off with the build. To start with a working plan, or what the finished model should look like. The manufacturer gives in the model an open front and half of the bomb bay. And I want to open both chambers and the lower rear gunner's position, the bomb armament is not included as well as the rear gunner's position is empty and closed. Now coming back to the model the fuselage in the 48 is in two parts and the 32 is in four. The first cut is the gunner's stand, the material is more brittle than resin and cutting goes but you have to be very careful. And I managed to cut, now only to make the interior I have to.




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After a long break I am slowly getting back to the "Bison", but I already know that the work will go on and on for a long time. And I have a vision of what the finished model should look like. I have already managed to gather all the available documentation, at least I think so.  And of the extras that can be added to it are a set of bombs from MIRAGE, pilot belts and rifles. My plan is to build all the Polish aircraft models then I have already bought various rifles in advance as you can see in the picture. So now I'm taking on the lower rear gunner's position.


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