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1:32 Eduard Bf 109G Seatbelts (for Revell kit)


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1:32 Bf 109G Seatbelts (for Revell kit)
Catalogue # 32792 and 32794
Available directly from Eduard, MSRP $14.95 (32972) and $9.95 (32974)


Eduard 32792 Bf 109G seatbelts FABRIC




After-market seatbelts have become just about mandatory for aircraft modellers, particularly large scale modellers.  Some people prefer the resin seats with the belts molded in place but I've never been skilled enough with a paint brush to get satisfactory results.  Photo-etch is the other option and Eduard has always been involved in this segment, initially giving us photo-etch seatbelts, then pre-painted PE seatbelts and finally fabric belts combined with PE which we'll kick off this review with.  The belts are provided on a small sheet printed in a beige or "dirty white" color, which is a good representative of the color of belts typically found in the Bf 109G-6.  Some late war aircraft were equipped with green colored seatbelts but I can't recall ever seeing them on a G-6 but your mileage may vary.




This set features laser cut fabric seatbelts.  In my opinion these are the most realistic looking seatbelts on the market.  After all what better to simulate fabric with than actual fabric?  If you've never worked these before I will caution you that they are more time consuming to put together than standard PE seatbelts.   As you can see by the instructions some threading and weaving is required, a good magnifying lamp, tweezers and a steady hand will be helpful for routing the fabric parts through the PE buckles.  Hey, maybe you can talk the girlfriend or wife into doing for you though!  Let me know how that goes for you, seriously.




Once completed though they really look impressive and are exceptionally easy to pose realistically since they flex just like their real life counterparts.  Although these will look good as is, I find that a light wash helps bring out the detail and really gives them some visual pop that really brings them to life.  Another thing I love about these is the serial numbers and data tag printed on the belts, we've come a long ways since the old days of a couple of strips of masking tape on the seat!


Eduard 32794 Bf 109G seatbelts


If you prefer the traditional style of PE belts that go together with a few dabs of super glue Eduard has you covered as well.  These belts go together easier than the fabric ones but can be more difficult to pose realistically because metal just doesn't flex like fabric.  They still look good when installed though and will definitely be a big upgrade over the molded on belts that Revell saddles us with on their Gustav.




So what do we think?


Whichever set you choose will be a big upgrade over what's in the kit so you really can't go wrong either way.  My personal preference are the fabric belts and if you choose that route I don't think you'll regret it despite the extra work associated with them.  Although these belts are marketed for the Revell Bf 109G-6 there's no reason you can't use them with other kits, parts is parts!


Highly Recommended


Mike O.


Review copies courtesy of Eduard.

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