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Painting brass/metal landing gear


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Just a tip on what I learned this week painting my G Factor brass gear on my He 111. 

I did the typical prep with polishing off the casting seams and sanding them down to 600 grit.  
Whipped out my trusty Mr. Surfacer primer and blew on a couple of coats.  Came back the next day to do some fine sanding.  Primer was flaking off everywhere the sandpaper touched it.  I could easily remove it with my fingernail.  

Dangit!  I forgot Mr. Surfacer is formulated to bond to plastics and other paint.  Wiped it all off with lacquer thinner and went out to my garage and grabbed a spray can of self etching Krylon primer. Funny thing is, it was almost a perfect match for RLM 02  

Laid on one to two thin coats and all is good now. Mr. Color stuck to it with no issues. 

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Gunze  and now Tamiya both make a metal primer that's clear and brushes on. They're both self leveling too which is nice. On a sheet of brass PE, you can see it changes the colour of the metal slightly so I suspect it's self etching but not 100% sure. 

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