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Son came Home


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While it was definitely to short of a visit we made the best of it.I took him out one day to go shooting we had like eight different rifles and all different calipers.The list goes VZ-24(8mmM),Vene Fn-49(7mm),GSG MP-40(9mm),STG-44(22lr),Ak-47(30),M1 carbine(30),AR15(556) and some new fangle modern rifle(son's) 556 also.We off loaded about 400/500 rounds in a couple hours at Joe's Place out in the country he's and old retired VN vet the son and him get along real well.I can say it was a hoot.The thing he enjoyed the most about coming home was being around water and the color green you see he's been in the desert @Hollerman AFB might of well say BFEgypt.He is now back with his old active 35FW 14Sq in Misawa Japan.I am left with selling his 2014 F-150 trying to get out from underneath that note and all he kept saying "all I want to eat is Southern Food" and we did he hurt the pocket book some but was glad to do it for him.That's been the absence of late...the GB?...maybe later Scharnhorst calls and never again will I build a tank with full interior!;)

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Awesome!  I’m building a new fangled modern upper for my SBR AR right now.  7.5” barrel 300 AAC Blackout.   The silencer I built a few years back was built for anything up to 7.63/.30 and it’s as long as the barrel is. And as big and round as the hand guard.  Cannot wait to try out some subsonics in it. 

And we will get to see our son in the next few weeks also.  He’s transitioning from Ft. Carson in CO to Virginia to start his Captains Quarters training for 6-9 months.  He’s going to swing by here and spend a week with us.  He was going to go on a cruise with us, but his CO highly suggested he did not leave the country. 

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