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(WIP) Bf-110 G-2/R3 1:48 REVELL

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Another Bf-110 G-2/R3 in 1:48 from REVELL has just arrived in the workshop, a model I started years ago and which is currently sitting in a box on the cupboard, so the tidying up continues. And if all goes well I might be able to get it done this weekend, I have almost all the parts cut out and ready for assembly and painting. The extras are only the DETAIL SET from AIRESA and the masks from MONTEX-MASK, but only the cabin itself because they were in the box. The model will be in boxed painting and will depict a machine from 5./ZG 76 Reichsverteidigung, winter 1944.



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I managed to put it together, and you can see the reliable LEGO bricks. The armament compartment in the nose open will be open as will both engines. It's the weekend and I have to clean up in my workshop and in the evening I want to apply the camouflage.


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A successful weekend, hard but I managed to do everything I had planned and also had enough time to spend some time with the model. The last workshop photos and the rest is already in the gallery and I invite you to look at it. The next model in 48 will be a bit exotic for me and also from an old box in the wardrobe.



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