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1/32 Big Sin B-17G Engine set SIN63202


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B-17G engines 'BIG SIN'
Catalogue # 63202
Available from Eduard for 82,45€
Bunny Fighter Club price: 70,08€


This review covers the Eduard Big Sin Engine set for the HK Models B-17G. The engines are available as a set of four, SIN 63202 or as individual engines numbered 1 to 4, which have the parts numbers 632 027 to 030 respectively. The cowl flaps and exhaust manifolds are different across all four engines, hence the individually identified sets.


So, on to the set..... There are no less than 168 resin parts and 76 PE parts on 8 PE frets in this set. The kit is presented in one box measuring 260 x 165 x 38mm, lined with bubble wrap and most parts individually sealed in bags. The set also includes four individual sets of instructions, one for each engine.


As can be seen here, there is a LOT of resin in this set, including all parts necessary to replace everything from the bulkhead forwards, except for the propellers and hubs.


In this picture we can see the beautifully cast detail on both the front and rear of the engines and also the inner detail of the cowl flaps. The HK models kit has no inner flap detail or rear of engine manifold detail included.


In this close up shot we can see the sharp detail on the cylinders, of note are the spark plugs and valve covers.


Notice the skilfully rendered detail on the heat shield between the cylinders.

Here's a comparison of the kit Engine and the Eduard resin Engine.


The bulkheads themselves are included, as are the exhaust manifolds. The gearbox cover and regulator parts are very accurately presented, giving a marked improvement over the kit parts.


Just look at the detail here.....


Eduard includes a replacement cowling, either as a single piece or as three separate panels, shown her. The inner detail is crisply moulded, but is only included on the separate panels, not on the one piece cowling.


Moving on to the PE parts, there are two frets per engine, each set containing 19 parts. The PE parts include four placards, a set of Ignition leads and the banding around the engine front, which mounts the cowling.



The instructions for each engine are presented as four A4 sides printed in full colour. A painting guide is included, with callouts for Gunze paints.





In summary, this set is a must if you intend to display your model with the cowlings removed, in a maintenance diorama as the bulkheads, exhaust manifolds and rear of engine detail is not present in the HK models kit. Even if you are building your model with all cowlings closed, you will benefit from the extra detail offered by these beautifully presented resin parts, one example being the cowling flap detail.

I for one would like to see Eduard produce a similar set for the HK Models B-25, as the engines in that kit are very inaccurate.

Thanks to Eduard for taking the time to produce this lovely engine set, and for supplying the set for this review. These engines will be used in the near future on my mega modified B-17 build.

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