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Scaling up decals


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Hi Steve


I wouldn't have thought a straight 225% enlargement would have worked. There'd be too much 'fuzz' around the edges and the quality of some markings at 1/72 wouldn't be good enough to stand enlargement and they'd look a bit rough. That is only an opinion I may be wrong. 


You'd be better off getting someone like Mal of Miracle Masks to do you a set of masks from the original decals...



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In order to scale the decals up they would have to be in vector format. It wouldn't be possible in Photoshop because it is a bitmap based program. If you can trace the decals in Adobe Illustrator it should be possible to scale them up.

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Yup Steve

Have to agree with what the others said

Although mask providers abound, you can forget custom decal manufacturers at a realistic cost eg one scheme for say the price of a whole sheet seems to be roughly what a custom mask might cost

I guess if it were that easy pretty much every scheme would be available in 1/32

There are quite a few subjects which frustratingly only exist in smaller scales, and require decals rather than / as well as masks



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I agree with all you say Nick, but it's just a tad frustrating when you see a scheme which makes you go 'that's nice' and you can do some of it but, it's like they always say, - 'the devil is in the detail' which you can't build with a mask but requires a decent decal!! In this case it's the Statue of Liberty badge for the 48th.TFW on Col.S.T. Smith's F.100D.

I'll just have to 'make do' with 'Triple Zilch' of the 20th TFW. - hey ho, the sacrifices you have to make for this hobby!!


Steve S.

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