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  1. My First kit was the revell 1:48 P-51 Big Beautiful Doll mustang when i was about 10 years old. I actually painted everything and then screwed up putting the checkered nose decal. After that I believe it was a B-17 or a B-24 I can't really remember. I just remember mixing my own paint color for the plane and it came out like a glossy midnight green. It was completely and utterly historically inaccurate but damn did it look good hanging from my ceiling. There was one model I never finished and it has been bothering me for some. I can't even begin to tell you who the manufacturer of the model was or even what type of jet it was. I know that it was a yellow jet and had rubber wheels included in the kit that I thought was awesome at the time. If anybody knows at all what I am talking about I would really like to know what kit that was so I can buy it and actually finish it this time. I have recently come back to the hobby and because me and the wife just bought a house it is really hard to find any type of bench time.
  2. Fantastic, I got The tamiya P-51 in the stash ready to go as soon as i practice a NMF on a less expensive bird. I love the life raft sculpting there, it adds a nice touch of realism to it.
  3. Hi All, Is it possible to thin Mr. Surfacer with regular lacquer thinner or do you have to use Mr. Leveling Thinner?
  4. I pulled the trigger and got the Grex Tritium TG .3mm from amazon. Good price and 2 day shipping with prime. I am pretty excited to try it out, I have never had a dual action guy before.
  5. I usually stick to the tamiya acrylics and model master enamels, I have never really had any issues with them.
  6. Ahh, now you have me wanting to up my budget. The .2mm TG model looks perfect. I don't know how the wife would react to spending $200+ on an airbrush...
  7. In order to scale the decals up they would have to be in vector format. It wouldn't be possible in Photoshop because it is a bitmap based program. If you can trace the decals in Adobe Illustrator it should be possible to scale them up.
  8. I really like the look of the XT. I feel like the trigger action would really help in controlling the paint flow. They have it on this site for $159, that is still in my budget. I just need a high quality brush for the projects I have in mind coming up. http://www.dickblick.com/products/grex-airbrushes/
  9. Hi All, Its been a while since I posted but I am currently in the market for a Dual Action gravity feed airbrush. I currently own a badger 200NH single action that frankly stinks at detail work. I came across the Grex Genesis XD for $109 and I was wondering if anyone on the forum has any experience or suggestions. I know airbrushes are very personal things I am really just looking for a general idea if this model would be suitable for the fine detail work I am looking to use it for. Thanks in advance
  10. Does anybody know of a good source for a dot filtering tutorial or how to?
  11. Love it, I just started working on the same kit. have the decals for your bird, but I am going with the White 2. Excellent work though.
  12. That is sexy. You may have just helped me pick a scheme.
  13. Thanks for the info. I stumbled across this scheme that I think would look badass. looks like it is from the 61st FS 56th FG 8th Airforce. I wonder if I could find this decal set anywhere.
  14. Hi all, I am just starting to do my research for a Bubbletop Jug. I am going to be building and I was wondering what color the wheel wells were painted. Were they painte in the green zinc chromate or yellow? Also was the cockpit done in interior green or a different color. Thanks a lot guys
  15. Sweet Jesus, that is incredible. Where did you get the plans to work off to scratch build this?
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