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measuring precise paint mixes question


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I am wanting to attempt figure paiting using acrylics but my problem is the paint mixes called for require pretty precise amounts to get the exact shades I need. One of the mixes calls for as little as 2% of a certain colour! 

I usually use a pippete or dropper for mixing paints (for airbrish work) and it has served me well, but I dont think it will cut it in this circumstance. The only way I can figure to mix things this precisely is by using a small scale and calculating paint volume by weight. 

Is there an better way to do this, or would an accurate scale that you can zero to remove the wieght of the mixing vessel be the best/most accurate method here? 

Thanks in advance, Chuck.

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I hear you. Like I said, I'm new to figure painting and the method I want to try calls for amounts in this small range for a couple of the blends used. Normally I would eye ball it, but I thought I would give this a try.


Thanks for the thoughts, Chuck.

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Hi Chuck, I know it sounds daft but why not use a 6" steel ruler most of them measure to half a mil so you can easily work out a small percentage this way and it's easy to clean the paint of with a little thinners.


regards Steve.

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