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My workroom.....


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My latest project, the Airfix 1/24 Mosquito, has highlighted the fact that I needed to seriously rethink my workroom. Two old wallpaper tables and an old computer desk have sufficed for a few years, but due to the size of the Mosquito, urgent upgrades were needed.
Here are some before and after pictures, I really cant see how I managed with all that chaos !!









In the corner where the table lamp sits is where my spray booth is going, which should be next weekend. Once a few other little shelves and storage bins/drawers are added, it will be complete. It is such a nicer environment to work in, and I like the white surfaces, not sure they will stay that way for long though !!


Thanks for looking in.




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Great looking space. This may help......on "the bit" I use for cutting and "messy stuff",I cover with dry wall/plasterboard,then with white paper,and tape in place,making sure to cover any cut edges of the drywall(which is also great to cut on) It may not look the greatest,but to regain brand new white surface....just rip the paper off and redo.And occasionally change the dry wall. Enjoy the Mossie!



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That's a great idea Guy, I was thinking to myself that I need something to protect those lovely white surfaces. I do have a spare roll of clear Fablon and was thinking of covering the surfaces in that, but your idea seems much more practical.

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