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1/35 Kubelwagen... Tamiya or Dragon?

Dave J

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Dave, as I understand it, the Tamiya Kübel is a heavily re-tooled version from 1997 of their original kit from the '70's. The Dragon kit has it's roots as a Bego kit from 1994 and is over time released by Hasegawa, Dragon and Cyberhobby, which is of course the other trademark from DML... I don't know which is most accurate but my general experience is that Tamiya builds the easiest but that's because they take some shortcuts with the really fine details to that end. Dragon is usually more difficult to build because the kits tend to have more and finer details included. One example in this case is that the Dragon Kübel contains an engine and the Tamiya one doesn't.


Some links to help you in your choice:












This would be a nice one for the Eastern Front GB, BTW:  ;)



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