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I've just completed Whirlybird's conversion to make the Trumpeter 1/32nd Lightning F1A/F3 into the two-seat T4.


It's taken just over a year to complete it, but that's not because it was a particularly difficult conversion, it was more of a case of getting side-tracked by other projects and this one sitting on the shelf for far too long. Actual building time was no more than 2 months. 


It's a really nice conversion, and the resin nose goes on to the Trumpeter fuselage with the minimum of fuss. For those interested in the build process, a WIP can be found here:




I used Halford's automotive acrylics to paint it, and decals were a mix of Trumpeter and Whirlybird - both performed flawlessly. I've kept the weathering pretty light as pictures show these T-birds to have been well looked after.


I've modelled this aircraft as it would have appeared in June 1965, whilst with 145 Squadron (226 OCU) based at RAF Coltishall, Norfolk. I have many fond memories standing on the approach at Coltishall, watching the Jags doing touch and go's; it's a shame I'm too young to remember the Lightnings -  that must have been quite a sight (and sound!)


Those eagle-eyed Lightning buffs will notice the main gear doors are at the incorrect angle - they'll be corrected next time the airbrush is out.


On to the pictures:




















More to follow...

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