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  1. Morning all, I dug the wings out over the weekend in preparation for work to commence - as you can see the Sunderland is one LARGE aeroplane. The wife isn't overly impressed. Never mind. Lots of scribing and reinforcing work ahead... Tom
  2. I'm not sure yet, Cees - I have numerous copies of the turret so will look through them to find the best of the bunch as make a decision later down the line. Ha! Yes, so it does! I've now completed the scribing of the main fuselage panel lines, and given the whole airframe a gentle rub-down with fine sandpaper to make the surface completely uniform. The detail doesn't show up as well as I'd like in the pictures, but hopefully they'll give you the general idea. Forward nose section: Mid-sections: And the rear fuselage:
  3. Taking a break from the tedium of scribing, I've had a look at the mid-upper that was fitted to the MkII Sunderland. You get the basic shape of the fairing which is mounted off-set of the centreline (to starboard) on the upper fuselage, and the turret glazing itself (which still has its protective coating on): The fairing was trimmed to the correct size using the plans I have, and turret itself has also been trimmed and test fitted after its aperture was opened up: Once the remaining scribing is done on the upper fuse, this will be ready to install. Take care all,
  4. You're absolutely right - some time away is often all that's needed to reinvigorate and refresh... The long process of scribing the panel detail has begun. This is the culmination of two nights' work so far - with at least another long session needed to finish the upper fuselage: Back soon with an update over the weekend, all being well. All the best, Tom
  5. Evening all, It's been a while since this build saw any action, so time for an overdue update... Last time I'd been working on this I had made some good progress with the interior and was more or less ready to join the fuselage halves. I finished off adding some details such as the radio operator's chair to the flightdeck and the depth charge racks to the centre section, as this would be impossible to install once the fuselage was together. I'd also fabricated some beefy wing spars and attached these to the appropriate internal bulkheads: I also added some low-tac tape to the
  6. Another great update, Cees! Will the reshaping of the wing profile effect the angle of the engines and thrust line at all? Tom
  7. Hi Cees, Spars will be thick plastic card - I've a tried and tested method of supporting the wings so stay tuned for when the time comes! I've had the Sunderland out again over the weekend. At some point in my future I'll learn to focus on just one model at a time, but I seem incapable of that at the moment... Now that I'm happy with the interior structure I've done the final positioning of the bulkheads which are now all firmly in place and give a lovely and strong structure to the model: I've also begun working on the hefty support frames for the pilots' seats - these w
  8. This is soooooooo good, Cees! Can’t wait to see it under some paint
  9. I've already got load of big projects on the go which I seem to be making very little progress with - I've promised myself I must finish either the Sunderland, 1/48th B-52 or the Shackleton before I go back to it. However, seeing yours has got me thinking...
  10. Yes, Cees! Great progress. I almost makes me want to get mine out and start working on it again... almost... Tom
  11. It does indeed build well - at least so far. The wing is the main area with the errors and the aerofoil shape is clearly off, but as you say you wouldn’t mistake it for anything else and that’s fine by me! The white areas are matt white paint - I always do this after giving the joints a quick sanding. It helps smooth the surface and reduces micro scratches before primer etc.
  12. This week I've been working on mating the fuselage halves as well as the wings which are now attached to the fuselage. The fit is excellent the huge spar gives a very positive and strong join - there is no flex at all in the wings and everything is nice and rigid which is most reassuring considering the size of the thing. As usual, I'll let the pictures do the talking: Next up is attaching the underside of the nacelles and getting the wings finished off. Regards to all, Tom
  13. This is a great start, Cees - I love the way you dart from project to project as it makes me feel less of a grass-hopper mind! Tom
  14. Thanks, Rob. I've added a few chips and scuffs here and there, but I won't add much more. I'm a 'less is more' type of chap when it comes to weathering - I can't stand the 'it's been parked in Davis-Monthan for the last 60 years ' look! Don't forget the 1/32nd Sunderland, 1/48th B-52 and the numerous other projects, too! Those, Peter, are true words of wisdom!
  15. It's been a while since I updated this thread but that's how long it's taken me to finish the interior of this monster! I've been working on it on and off and in between other builds to be fair, but there's lots of detail painting needed and plenty to keep the builder quiet even out of the box! Sadly, most of it disappears when the fuselage halves are joined, but at least I know it's there! Joining the fuselage halves will be the next job - hopefully progress will be a bit quicker from now on...
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