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  1. Wow that has come out really well. Can’t wait to see some decals going on. I am missing updates on your Manchester but this is proving to be a great substitute Tom
  2. Oh yes! Now we are talking! Looking great - lovely camo work there! Tom
  3. And there was me expecting a B-17... Nice Thud!
  4. This is looking really tasty. You could never tell looking at it now the amount of work that's gone into this - the surface detailing looks great from where I'm sitting. I'm keen to see the green go on and then she'll really start to come to life. Tom
  5. Good evening ladies and gents, I've not updated this thread for a while but I've nevertheless been beavering away with the mighty Sunderland... I've made four small tabs on the sill of each porthole which will support the glazing when the time comes. Once these have been painted black and the 'glass' is in, they should be all but invisible: I've also sprayed the bulk of the interior and the bulkheads black for the areas that won't be seen. The forward section and basic flightdeck structure has been given a coat of British Interior Grey/Green: There's o
  6. I’ve been really enjoying watching this come together, Cees - there’s some amazing workmanship going on here. It looks every bit a Brit Toom - just gorgeous! Tom
  7. Natural metal finishes. I’ve tried and I’ve tried but have never been happy with one. I now done everything I can to avoid them.
  8. Evening all, I've been making some good progress this week on the big Sunderland. Lots of plastic card and Evergreen strip to the rescue, combined with a fair bit of reference checking and head-scratching, and I now have the basic structures of the bomb room and forward fuselage/flightdeck completed. The bomb room has been kitted out with the basic structure - the doors are actually open on the real aircraft but as I'm not detailing the areas either fore or aft I've used a bit of creative licence and added some doors: I've made the basics of the bomb racks which will eventuall
  9. Isn’t it funny how you can lose interest in a model for months, sometimes years, and then suddenly you pick it back up and can’t put it down..? The Sunderland is back on the bench, baby!
  10. Here's the latest model off the bench - Italeri's 1/32nd F-35A Lightning II. This was built out of the box, with the exception of Eduard's seat belt and cockpit set. The kit itself goes together really well, with the only filler being needed on the fuselage to wing join which wasn't the best. There's lots of nicely moulded detail in the landing gear and weapons bays, which with some careful painting comes up well. The most time consuming part of the build was the painting process - it took hours, and hours, and hours, and hours... you get the idea... of masking the RAM panels. I wen
  11. Erm.... it’s back in its box in the loft. Maybe I’ll resurrect it one day when the mood takes. I got bogged down with making the cockpit and lost momentum.
  12. Really enjoying this, Cees. I suppose you could argue it's an expensive way to make a Brit Phantom (using two kits) but it still works out a lot cheaper than using the conversions when (and if) they become available! Tom
  13. That’s good know - it’s a lovely feeling when a model passes the point of no return The Shackleton is still ticking along in the background and I’m working on finishing off the engines. Nothing really worth photographing yet but I’ll take some when done. This is the last of the construction work before a marathon scribing session.
  14. This is so cool - it looks like the shapes are very close of not spot on compared to the real thing. 3D printed cans or more scratch building?
  15. Progress is progress, Cees, no matter how small. Glad to hear you’re still at it! Tom
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