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A shout out to Eduard for good customer service!


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I recently found myself in need of the clear cockpit sprue from my 1/32 Bf109E-3. Details need not be shared as to why, but suffice to say, I needed the entire sprue. I had just completed an order to Eduard and as an afterthought emailed them, asking to purchase a replacement sprue. Reply back within 24 hours saying they will replace the sprue gratis and include it in my order. The order arrived today and neatly bubble wrapped for safety was the requested sprue.


These days many are quick to bemoan suppliers and makers for problems, I thought it nice just to say thanks publicly.





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I will Echo Kent too. I got a A6M2b Big Ed a while back and it had two Engine sets within it, but no Exterior set. Contacted Eduard and the replacement was on its way the next day. I offered to return the extra Engine set and they told me not to worry! :thumbsup2:

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