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AIMS great service!


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A few weeks ago I began working on a Ju88 conversion using AIMS parts.   One of the parts needed to be replace.


One email with attached photo to John @ AIMS resulted in a prompt and quick resolution by John.  He was ready to ship replacement part (across the pond) at no cost to me.


I took this opportunity to secure another conversion set and accessories.   I had a ton of layman Ju88 questions and it was obvious John was very patient and he clearly answered each and every one my questions.  My replacement parts, new conversion and accessories arrived as expected and I am ready to start on my upcoming Ju88 conversion.


With the upcoming Ju88 GB you may want to check out the offerings at AIMS, they have some really nice stuff.  Conversions, accessories and decals. 


Johns expertise and patience was most appreciated.  I highly recommended John and AIMS for excellent resin quality and customer service.  I will be a repeat customer.


Cheers Pastor John!



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Fantastic to hear! What set did you get?

  • Replacement parts for my Mistel 2
  • Ju88 G1 Nightfighter conversion
  • A few sets of smooth tread/weighted wheels

this no bench time since 10 Feb is driving me crazy.  will be about another week or so before I can sit in a chair/stool comfortably beyond 30 seconds.  I might miss the FW190 GB deadline.  :(

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