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1:32 Fokker E.I and Fokker E.IV Super Detail Sets

James H

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1:32 Fokker E.I and Fokker E.IV Super Detail Sets

Catalogue # and price: see article
Available from HGW




The old saying goes that there are only two certainties in life; death and taxes. However, there is a third and that is an HGW full detail set release for each Wingnut Wings kit release. Unlike the first two certainties, this one is something which we certainly won't complain about here at SP&R. The wonderful and highly innovative Jan Bobek from HGW has sent us the very latest sets for the Fokker E.I and E.IV kits.

  • #132116, Fokker E.I Super Detail Set, 609 Kč
  • #132117, Fokker E.IV Super Detail Set, 644 Kč



Unlike some of the Fokker Eindecker types where some changes weren't as apparent as others, the biggest revisions in the airframes could clearly be seen between the first and last in the series. Whilst this sounds obvious, it was made more so by the fact that the E.IV was a seriously major revision in terms of appearance and power-plant. The E.IV retained the same wings as the E.II and E.III, but these were longer in span than the E.I. The E.IV fuselage was also a full bay longer in order to re-establish the centre of gravity, due to the installation of the heavier Oberursel U.III engine. Cockpit changes were also notable between these versions, so please know now that you really do need the specific set for the type you are building. You simply can't 'make do' with whatever you can find. Now, onto each set and what they offer the modeler.


Fokker E.I Super Detail Set



Each of these sets comprises a number of previous releases, but packaged into HGW's equivalent of Eduard's BIGED sets. This specific release includes the following items:

  1. 132536, Fokker E.I seatbelts
  2. 132114, Fokker E.I PE set
  3. 132118, Oberursel U.0 engine
  4. 632022, Fokker E.I mask

Looking at the seatbelt sets on both the E.I and E.IV releases, they look identical except for the colour of the fabric parts, which look to be a darker beige on this specific release. They are also labeled differently, despite the similarities between the two. This isn't uncommon for HGW. The textile parts are manufactured from a plasticized micro-fibre textile sheet, and the individual parts are colour printed and laser cut. This means you only have some small tags to remove in order to free the parts. Unlike HGW's earlier sets, you also don't need to worry about the width of these not passing through the buckles due to cutting them too wide. Colour printing is also very neat, and the localized heat from the laser cutting has shaded the edges quite realistically. Whilst there is printed stitching, there is also laser etched stitching which comes out best when you apply a wash. All textile parts have a paper backing which must be peeled off first.






A small Eduard-produced PE fret includes the various buckles and clasps requires, all beautifully produced to the high standard you expect from this manufacturer. The instructions card which is ensconced in the rear of the stiff cardboard backed re-sealable wallet, is dead easy to follow, and should give no worries. Use CA or similar to assemble.

The PE set incorporates detail from both interior and exterior of the model. Internally, detail is supplied for the internal framework wires/turnbuckles, instrument panel (bezels, wiring and toggle switches), control column firing trigger, and fuel mixture control. A little surgery will be required to fit a number of these parts, but nothing major. Externally, there are PE replacements for the under-fuselage stitching, pylon cable pulley and bracket, and also for the strap which fits to the rear of the engine cowl. Again, a little surgery will be required for some of these additions. HGW have also supplied a PE ammunition belt feed. Consider pepping this up a little with some dilute white glue, so that it doesn't look as flat. PE cable grommets for control wires are also included.




A single fret is included for the Oberursel U.0 engine. Looking at this, it looks identical to that given in the E.IV set for the Oberursel U.III, except the latter obviously has two of these due to its dual engine format. The parts included here replace the kit armatures, ignition cables and prop hub. For the armatures, you will need to supplement this with a little plastic rod. Of course, surgery is needed again for this, but in my opinion, it is very much worth the effort. Depending on which prop you use on your specific model, 3 hub options are provided. As this fret is identical to the U.III ones, the ignition wires will need to be trimmed to the correct length for this single rotary unit. Of course, the double U.III would have longer wires to reach to the forward-most rotary section.




The masks for this kit are provided on a cleanly cut piece of kabuki masking sheet, and include inner and outer parts for the various windscreen options provided by Wingnut Wings.




As is customary with HGW, they have also provided a small sampler of decal, and this time it's wood grain. The printing of this is on a transparent base, meaning you will need to lay down either a white or tinted paint job in order for this to look realistic. The transparency of these does leave a lot of flexibility for the modeler to create his/her own specific tailored finish.




The various instruction sheets and cards in these are included in the rear of the packaging. For the PE sets, you'll immediately notice these are produced by Eduard, in their familiar, easy to follow style.


Fokker E.IV Super Detail set




This set comprises the following individual components:

  1. 132537, Fokker E.IV seatbelts
  2. 132115, Fokker E.IV PE set
  3. 132119, Oberursel U.III engine
  4. 632023, Fokker E.IV masks

As discussed earlier, the seatbelt and engine parts here are identical, and of course don't need describing again. However, the PE set is subtly different. Apart from the lack of instrument panel in the E.IV, this fret is too almost an identical item, with only perhaps an instrument here and there, plus a bezel for the wing mounted compass.










Again, the kabuki mask sheet includes interior and exterior parts for the various windshield options that WNW provides.




The decal sheet in this release is again another transparent base item, but has a fabric texture on it. This could be quite useful for overlaying onto a green painted interior. Don't quote me that it would perfectly. I would test a very small piece first. You could perhaps mist some thinned green over it to give it a more suited appearance.




These sets are pretty much the only game in town when it comes to PE for your WNW kits, and they rarely disappoint. These particular sets don't disappoint in the slightest, and provide some excellent upgraded detail of which I think all parts are worthy of being included in your project. Great news is that none of the parts here are beyond the scope of most modellers either.


Very highly recommended


James H


Our sincere thanks to HGW for the review samples seen here. To buy direct, click the links in the article.



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