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Friedrichshafen Oldtimer Meeting


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This weekend my hobby buddy and I went to the Oldtimer meeting (cars, planes, bikes and ships) in Friedrichshafen Germany. I always enyoj the rides with him, because he have a 1957 Pontiac Chieftain. Here we are on the ferry that goes over the Bodenlake, from the Swiss to the German side





A replica of the Klemm L20A from Elly Beinhorn





Of course a Mustang  B)




and a Fokker DR I Replica





There where also a lot of dealers for parts and all kind of stuff. Oh,  think I found my new table  :ph34r: 





This guy made furniture from original airplane parts!











I love those Riva Boats!!











and Porsche  :D





Thanks Arno

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Well Arno looks like you had a fine day!! Love the furniture guy! He does some beautiful work. That conference table is amazing!

I'm also a lover of Riva Yachts. They do exquisite craftsmanship from their runabouts to their 88' yachts!!

Oh like you friend car too, lol! Are you on Facebook?

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