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1/48 Classic Airframes Bf 109B "Spanish Civil War" Gunther Lutzow

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My humble entry into this GB is the C/A Bf 109A-D representing a SCW Bf 109B flown by the remarkable Oblt. Gunther Lutzow, circa early 1937, one of the first "B" series 109's delivered to Spain.  This is my first limited run kit and working with resin (cutting out/off pieces trying not to break them and not always succeeding).  At any rate, watching you experten builders is a learning experience so this is my stab at this Augsburg Eagle.


The Box




As mentioned above, I will be doing Lutzow's crate on the right.




After the fun of removing and cleaning the resin parts..... managed to crack the cooler scoop (bottom right).




Close-up of broken cooler (middle) and my attempt to mimic the way Brett Greene added bracing to this kit with thin wire over the PE grill.




The almost complete cockpit but still working with the PE belts (they should be called PIA belts!), the pic I found of an early 109 cockpit is rather utilitarian and very bland/colorless.





That's it for now, comments are always appreciated, I know at least one of the members tackled this same project, help/pointers is always welcome, thanks.

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An early -109 is something that is certainly needed in my collection. (Especially after recently reading Osprey's Aces of the Spanish Civil war book.) Looking forward to watching this one come together.

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Oh yes! I'm definitely following this one (and not just because I'm the judge either). Superb start ... 

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