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Bf 109G-6/G-14 in France, 1944?

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Erik, this is not a real common subject on decal sheets.  Although almost all of the Jagdgruppen in the West were moved to France shortly after the invasion it doesn't seem to be a real popular modeling subject, probably because it was a rather short campaign for the Luftwaffe.  There are pictures of G-6/G-14s in France though, maybe Google it and if you find something you like try to cobble together decals for it.

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There's this:




It could easily be built using the decals for an earlier 9./JG3 G-6 marked yellow 6, the famous one with the eyes painted on the gun bulges. I know Eagle Cals does the aircraft and I'm sure others do too.


The yellow 6 on my blog is illustrated with the battery box on the rear bulkhead which is an error or oversight, I'll be fixing it when I get the time.



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Always searching document on aircrafts ( French, German, Allied ) using  Cambrai-EPINOY and NIERGNIES Air Bases during World War II ; I also need documents on Mossie 305 Polish Squadon and  U.S. B-26 unit ?

Thanks for your help ! 

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