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Albatros D.v outer wing supports.


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As promised, after chasing my grandsons through the surf for a few days, my first order of business, (as promised), is to post a picture of the outer wing supports for my Albatros so somebody can tell me what I screwed up. I can't blame the kit, as they're engineered wonderfully.




Personally, I think I may have mounted them in reverse, even though I scoured all the photos and directions.


Thanks in advance, guys.

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as Dave have said it seems like the strut was not fitted correctly into the lower wing. As you may alredy noticed, the WnW kits have very tight fit tolerances, so if there was some primer and/or paint build up this may prevent the strut to fit correctly :-/. If I remeber right, those struts pins are not roung, but are semicircles as are the holes they should fit in and they are designed this way to prevent the builder from putting them in the wrong direction. 
I can put a picture from the same angle from my Albie, so you can compare the strut angling 

Best regards,




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That would be great, Sasho! As for the cabane struts, I've tried every which way to fit them, and they only seem to make sense one way only. The inner, flat tab, slides into the slot in the fuse/cowl so the strut points up. If I place them so the "V" is to the rear, they kinda want to work, but the upper wing is pitched too far, hence my original post. If I place them so the "V" is forward, it's way off, so logic, (instructions and photos also), dictates the "V" is rearward.


However, as Sasho has enlightened me as to the strut pins, It is highly possible I've placed the port strut in the starboard hole, and vice versa. I'll definately check that in the morning, (I'm at work right now and don't get off until late).


As for the tight tolerences. I noticed it wasn't fully seated, but decided that before I fix that, I should get the upper wing mounting down. This way, if I have to remove something, it's only once.


Thanks for all the replies! As I've mentioned before, I'm enamored with the design and fit of these kits, and will most certainly sing their praises as well as purchase others. I've come to three major conclusions, though, at least for me.


1)When building your first biplane kit, it would probably be best to build OOB. At least until you have a couple under your belt.


2)When building your second 1/32 aircraft in close to 30 years, don't choose a biplane unless it's the Junkers. Thankfully I passed on the DH.2... :blink:


3)Doing stupid things will trump phenomenal engineering every time..... :rolleyes:

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Hmmmm. Then it must be something else. I'll try carefully removing the struts, cleaning the mounting surfaces, and remounting them. It is possible that because it's not seated properly, there may be just enough pitch to throw it off. I noticed that it's almost as if I could apply enough gentle heat, the struts would flex enough to mount the cabanes. That tells me that it's something simple, but overlooked by myself.


Just in case anyone was concerned, no worries, I'm not going to heat the struts. Just trying to lend a visual to how it acts. :)

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You misunderstood my post, which is not strange as English is not my language and its not unusual to fail to explain something in details. The struts are the same for left and right but puting them the with back to forward should be hard and from what I see they are put in the right way but not fitted completely. On hte same sprue there are the late struts with a small "leg" on the front side (see pic bellow) you can try them to just see how the wings align and eventually find the mistake if any.

As you can see I made another stupid mistake - overtightened the rigging and got the cabane strut broken, so if you use monofilament, you should be extremely carefull not to do the same. With EZ line this can't happen, but it doesn't add structural strenght to the construction. Not that added strenght is required for this kit

Here are the two pics:





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Thanks Sasho. That pic really helps. I see the leg you're talking about, as well as how yours are seated. Sure looks like mine might be seated wrong. I'll give it a look sometime over the weekend, I hope. I'm one of those "lucky" folks whose job requires them to work Sat & Sun. At least I'm off on Mon & Tues.

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