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Trumpeter Avenger Mk.II & Mk.III- Fleet Air Arm Far East WW2

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Hiya Folks,

                 As I`ve been asked to post some of my `back list' here are my two Trumpeter Avenger`s, converted into a Mk.II belonging to the Eastern Fleet during the Palembang Raid and a Mk.III of the British Pacific Fleet in Australia just after VJ Day.

First the Mk.II;




This Avenger was credited with shooting down a Japanese fighter during the Palembang Raid.


Here is the Mk.III;




The radar pod under the wing was made from the kits torpedo and the clear bulges were (poorly!) vacuformed using the waist windows from a Monogram B-29 as a guide. The lower engine cooling gills are incorrect for this version (equivalent to the TBM-3E) but I retained the kits gills after my attempt at building alternatives failed drastically!

Hope you like them,



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