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1/32nd A30 Challenger- The WW2 17 pdr version!

tony o

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Hiya Folks,

                Another tank from my collection,.....here is the 17 pdr A30 Challenger, made from the SKP kit;

Here it is almost ready to start painting........quite a bit of filler needed but a simple build (on a Tea Tray lying on the settee whilst recovering from an injury) which I enjoyed as I`ve always liked the WW2 Chally!! The metal 17 pdr is superb but I`ve chickened out with the tracks however and although I was going to order a set of resin `Trak Pak`s' from Acc Armour a kind fellow modeller gave me a couple of sets of rubber Tamiya Cromwell tracks instead which did the job nicely, he used metal tracks on his models;



Here is the finished model;




It is meant to go on a diorama one day once I get better at doing this sort of stuff, hence the uneven tracks!

The colour scheme is based on photographic evidence which shows three or four A 30 Challengers of 7th Armoured Division wearing a disruptive camouflage finish seen amongst lines of Cromwells being prepared for battle, seen here;



Hope you like it,


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Cheers,.....I think that the figure is Ultracast,.....he was just sitting in my spares box so I painted him up! I actually wanted the track to be uneven so that I could show it going over uneven ground,......I intend to put some small pebbles under the tracks at the points where it is raised. I`ve left the wheels loose too so that they can be moved up or down too to replicate the suspension,



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