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Tamiya 1/48 P-51B "Ill Wind?" First Model completed in 4 years!

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Hello All,

  I chose this P-51B as my reintroduction to building models as I have always loved the look and the history of the P-51's. My main goals with this build was to use resin upgrade parts for the first time and just the best I could at making as real a looking plane as possible. There are a few places where I fell short and a lot of mistakes were made, but as this was my first build back I am viewing it as a learning experience. 

Aftermarket Parts I used were:

  1. Verlinden resin cockpit
  2. After Market Decals from KitsWorld
  3. Eduard Masks

Working with resin for the first time was an eye opening experience, I really loved the look when it was completed as compared to how it would look with the standard kit parts. The sidewall detail is fantastic and it went together pretty easy once I got the hang of trimming the kit details and making everything fit. The only problem is I posed the canopy closed, so it is really not visible especially since I am a bit of a fool and covered the canopy with a dull coat, so they are all nice and fogged up.


The kits world decals were fantastic to work with, they really responded to the microsol and microset and really snuggled down to the fuselage detail. The tamiya kit decals on the other hand seems unbelievably thick and took multiple applications of the microset to snuggle down even a little bit, but for a first build in a while i managed to get away with no silvering of the decals and that is just fine by me.


Eduard masks are a must for me as I really don't have the patience to mask a canopy free hand with tamiya tape. The one mistake was securing the canopy and removing the masks too early and as mentioned earlier I hit the canopy with a dull coat and it looks like ass now, but I am just ready to move on.


I used a silver prismacolor Pencil to simulate the paint chipping, and I may have over done it just a bit (understatement of the century) but the reference photos i had show Captain. Megura's bird looking really really worn and beat down, and since previously I was working with armor I guess the real weathered look just felt more natural to me. Additional weathing was done with an oil wash of Raw umber and the panel lines were pin washed with Ivory Black artist oils thinned with Mona Lisa odorless thinner.


Additional weathering was done with chalk pastels. I used a dark grey on the wheels to tone down the flat black and then hit them with some raw umber to give them a grime look. The blast tubes were streaked with some black pastels applied with a stiff brush. Finally the exhausts were given a little rusted law with burnt sienna.  One mistake I made here was when I went to seal the pastels with model masters Dulcoate, all of the pastel work essentially dissapeared and I had to go back and do it all again, but its just another learning experience.


The Paints are Tamiya acrylics (OD, Neutral Grey, flat white, flat black) and Model Master Enamels (insignia red and flat yellow). I used a single action Badger NH 200 airbrush. Which is just not good on the small detail stuff. I am really in the market for an Iwata or Grex gravity feed double action job, but the budget is just not condusive at the moment.


Overall this was a very fun and enjoyable build and I am looking forward to the critique from the forum.

Now on to the Photos.



















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Nice work to get back in the saddle, the decals do look great.  So did you take the masks off, forgot and then shot the dull coat?  That had to be a bummer.

OMG, I did that once, LOL



Nice job, welcome back to the hobby. Feels good doesn't it.

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Nice work to get back in the saddle, the decals do look great. So did you take the masks off, forgot and then shot the dull coat? That had to be a bummer.

Yea it was just a stupid mistake. I was just so excited to see how the masks worked that I took them off before doing the decals. It's a mistake I won't make again

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