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Revell Vintage 1982 1/32 A-1A Skyraider

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Finished the primer coats yesterday!




Dry fitted and started weathering the engine.




Since I decided to do a hard line camouflage scheme rather than a freehand job as first thought I haave a weekend of masking and painting waiting for the coat to dry, masking and painting waiting for the coat to dry, masking and painting waiting for the coat to dry, lol!!! First camouflage color down!!




Have a great Labor Day Holiday all my US peeps :-)

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Great job, Ralph. This one brings back many wonderful memories to me. Built one when I was fifteen, so that must have been in '65 or '66...

Then it was one of the first super kits, had to save 3 months of allowance for it. Molded in shiny dark blue plastic, so I did not have to paint it, which 

was very nice for a teenager. But all of the features really worked... Landing gear, air brakes. It was wonderful. 

An old table in the attic was my flight deck, painted the runway borders on it and hammered a lot of little nails in it and stretched thin wire between them

to practice deck landings....


Much later my dad found out what had happened to the priceless antique dining room table that once belonged to his grandfather...





That is a great story. I have just about the same memories minus the priceless antique dining room table, lol! It's a great kit and would probably do well on todays market also however using a new mold because I've had to clean every part no matter how small!!

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Yesterday I masked the A-1A in preparation to paint the Vietnam camouflage scheme. Tan goes over the green base coat!




While the tan coat dried I continued to detail the engine.




After several hours of drying time I removed my homemade mask and was very pleased with the results!




Will mask and paint the third color later today!

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