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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

1:48 Ta152H


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Great addition to the site this area, so to kick my efforts off here's my Ta152H in the infamous orange of Aufthammer's plane he took for evaluation. The orange was in an attempt to stop him being shot at by the young and nervous flak crews this late in the war.













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Thats really cool, I take it that its the Dragon kit? The wings in mine are warped, did you have any trouble with that? I would really like to finish it up but its kinda put me off. Two thumbs up!


Cheers Bevan

Its the Italeri boxing so came with the engine but a friend build the dragon one boxed up so gave me his engine. I did have the aires engine but too big to fit. The kit also has the Aires resin cockpit. Yes my wings were warped also but what I did was attach the top sections to each fuselage side before joining them. Then once joined put the bottom wing section on. Started at the fuselage and each day glued a little bit and let set. As I came to the warped parts towards the ends these pull around into place. If you look end on dead level you can still see some distortion but not enough to worry about.


I have 4 more boxings of this kit (I picked up 2 kits from evilbay and when they arrived there were 2 kits in each box for some reason). Looking through them they all have the same warping on the wings.



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Its unfortunate about the warping issue, the Dragon kit is nicly detailed oob. I've never joined the top wings to the fuselage first before on any build........ always worried me there would be troubles later down the track. May have to bite the bullet and just do it.


Thanks Aaron for the feed back



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