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1/48 Revell F-106 Delta Dart


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Well of we go to F-106 Delta Dart land, lol!!

For an older kit the plastic seems pretty clear of flash and ejector pins marks. The plastic however is a bit thin and soft!




For a 1/48 kit the cockpit has some wonderful detail.






The ejector seat detailed nicely but will be hard to see in the narrow cockpit!




Pretty narrow but at least the chair shows!




Fuselage is a good fit but the wings look tricky!!



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The paint shop crew sprayed all the newly install parts with a coat of white primer followed by a coat of zinc chromate.

Hopefully the engine shop will finish up the afterburner section for installation today allowing for the fuselage sections to be joined!





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Well it's true what all the forums were saying about the intake fit being so bad but a few days of seam and gap work has solved that problem! A few touch ups, some sanding and I'll send it down to the paint shop guys, lol!!





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Sweet looking F-106. Love the paint job on the ejection seat. I have the new Trumpeter 106 in the works. I always loved the century series a/c. Keep the awesome work up :)


Cheers Brian

Thanks Brian. So far this has been a great build although a bit cappy around the inlets and sides below the cockpit! I'm building this for a friend who was a crew cheif on the aircraft.

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Did a bit more work on the F-106 today!


Installed the belly fuel tanks and weapon bay doors,




Install the main and nose gear assembly and doors.




Ready for primer!




Primed and sitting on it's own gear!




Well let the primer coat dry/cure for a few days then spray the Gloss Light Grey base coat!!

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