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Greeting all,


I've been toying with the idea of trying a vacuform type kit. My question is, after looking at some of the Tigger and Combat Models offerings, what would be a good starter kit? I have the ability to scratchbuild, so that's not an issue. I love to do research, so finding plans and blueprints isn't an issue either.


Just thought I'd give one a go to see if it's something I might like to do, and would like some of the forums feedback.





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Hi Joe,

Great question. Vacform modelling is considered a black art,which it isn't. You do have to have some experience with converting existing

kits and scratchbuilding. Most people shy away from the sanding mess to get the parts from the sheets. After removal it's just a kit, albeit

a very basic one. But the possibilities are endless. I would suggest to look for Tom Probert's build of the Tigger Models (formerly ID Models)

B29 and Halifax. The best kit to start would be a type with simple shapes such as a jet. The EE Canberra for example would be a great

subject if it is to your liking. Depends on you taste.

What are your ideas currently?



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Thanks Cees. It's Tom's builds that have me thinking. Currently I have no specific ideas in mind, but eventually I would like to tackle the S.M. 79 that I recently saw featured on LSP. I've developed a taste for Italian aircraft, which are a bit scarce in 1/32.

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Well the Sparviero has simple shapes but the fuselage is quite spacious so an interior will need a lot of scratchbuilding.

Then again there is plenty of info on that available on the net.

I am awaiting Tiggers Hampden kit and started scratchbuilding a tailplane already.

Would be great to see your build progressing. There are plenty of people that can help you with advice if needed.

Go for it.



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