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1:32 Do 335 detail sets (For HK Models kit)

James H

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1:32 Do 335 detail sets (For HK Models kit)
Catalogue # see article for price and code
Available from Profimodeller





I was lucky enough to recently build a test shot of the new Dornier Do 335B-2, from HK Models. This was, apart from an HGW seatbelt set, an entirely out of box experience which was published in issue #43 of Military Illustrated Modeller. It had to be an OOB build, simply because there were no specific aftermarket sets out for it at that time. That's the beauty of working with test shots. However, the first company, to my knowledge, to release upgrade/detail sets is Profimodeller, and today we take a look at these four new sets, and what they offer, above standard kit detail.




  • 32209, Do 335B-2 barrel set, 599,00 CZK
  • 32210, Do 335 pitot tube, 119,00 CZK
  • 32211, Do 335 interior, 159,00 CZK
  • 32212, Do 335 exterior, 590,00 CZK


Do 335B-2 barrel set



Out of all four sets, this is the only one specifically classed as use for the B-2 variant of the Do 335, and for good reason. This specific version had an MK 103 mounted within a large pod which extended from the wing leading edge. The standard fighter version (A-0 as supplied soon from HKM), didn't have this. Having built the B-2, I found that I really needed to drill out the muzzle brake, as for some peculiar reason, HKM had seen fit not to actually mould this with the openings already there. Of course, with the plastic part, you also lack a little of the sharpness and attitude that the real muzzle brake had.




This set actually comprises of TEN turned and machined parts which directly replace all four of the Heavy Fighter's guns. The muzzles will connect to a set of brass barrels, but you will only see the forward-most point of this, where the barrel protrudes through the end of the pod.




One very weak area of the kit are the two cowl mounted barrels. In a kit where so much is slide-moulded, these barrels look quite weedy, and aren't hollow at the end either. On my kit, these were replaced with aluminium tube, but this set also now supplies these for you, and of course, at the correct length. A small sheet of instructions shows you the parts included in this set, which are bagged within a small zip-lock wallet, and also gives the kit part number which will need to be replaced. A direct, drop-fit.





Do 335 pitot tube



This very simple, but highly effective upgrade takes the rather lifeless looking pitot tube in the HKM kit, and replaces it with a spangly hollow-ended one which is beautifully machined. Before you can install your pitot, you will need to fill the small area at the wing leading edge, which is moulded with the plastic kit pitot. Once filled and sanded to shape, you can drill it and insert your replacement part.




The real deal here is that there are TWO pitot options. I have to assume that reference indicates that both types were employed on the limited number of Do 335s that flew. Either way, at least you have an option.




Do 335 interior



Whilst this set isn't specifically slated for the B-2, there are elements within it that can't be fitted to the A-0, such as the rear view mirrors that fit within the B-2's canopy blisters. You really will have to check your reference for the minutiae. This set contains one fret of photo-etch parts, and a small length of neoprene tubing and copper wire. If I'm honest, I do think the HKM kit cockpit is actually very good, and all I added to mine was a missing ejection handle. Having said that, I was aware that there was a certain amount of detail which hadn't been replicated. This is where this set will pretty much redress that balance.




Here, you will find substantial upgrades for both the seat and control stick. The seat will be fitted with a cushion, as well as new armrests and brackets. I'm not really convinced by the cushion, and would perhaps use a little putty to recreate this. For the control stick, there is a little photo etch, and you will also fit the neoprene tube to this too, bracketed with a PE clip.






One area I did find lacking on the HKM kit were the rudder pedals. These were poorly detailed and grossly undersized. This set includes a replacement set, plus brackets on which to mount them.




Quite a lot of the interior, whether it be the walls or floor, are sheathed in PE, beautifully detailed with rivet and fastener detail. One anomaly in the kit is the gun breech block near the pilot's feet. This is disconnected from the forward bulkhead, where the gun mould be mounted. This is also redressed too. Other detail included is the ejection handle I mentioned, and the linkages associated with it (that I didn't add to my build!), and also a little console lever and bezel detail. You will also find new rear bulkhead detail in this set, as well as canopy release handles.








This set is more or less a complete transformation of the kit parts.



Do 335 exterior



This is by far the most extensive and complex upgrade set out of the four that we have, containing THREE photo etch sheets, which appear to be stainless steel. You first need to get it out of your head that anything in this set is really classed as 'external', maybe apart from the front engine radiator mesh. Essentially, more or less everything in here is actually still internal, with the exception of the cockpit set we've just looked at. That's actually just as well, because I did feel that I needed to add more detail to the interior of the Do 335 as I was building, but I simply didn't have the time to do so. I seriously wish I'd had this set when I was building that.




So, what are these other interior areas that are catered for with this build? Well, these are the rear engine bay, intake areas, and crucially, the belly bomb bay. Curiously, there is no detail here for the main gear wells. Perhaps it doesn't need any, or maybe there will be a forthcoming set.....


The rear engine bay is changed quite dramatically, from interior bulkhead detail, to a COMPLETE sheathing of the bay floor. This is actually one area that I did feel needed the detailer's touch, and I couldn't have asked for more. There is also supplementary detail to add to the floor, in the shape of various plates and brackets. Sidewall detail is also supplied, sitting against the floor.




One very imposing part of this area is the separate fuselage spine. Internally, this is devoid of detail. Well, not anymore! A quite fragile, structural framework will sheath the inside of this area, creating the illusion of a framework and riveted metal. This alone will help to totally transform this area, which is actually visible if you look upwards into the bay.


The intake area also now has a mesh grille on both front and rear faces, and a whole new rear facing duct system which extends through to the rear cooling flap openings. These themselves have a photo etch framework to sit within them.




Lastly, the bomb bay also undertakes a partial transformation. There are some replacement fuel tank straps included here which are only suitable for the B-2, but the rest will also apply to the A-0 standard fighter. Numerous parts are supplied which will detail the load-carrying framework, and a good quantity of sidewall detail is also included, as well as whole new detail sections which were missing from the HK kit. This includes bracket detail, and also a part for what appears to the underside of an engine-bay sump.










In all, this is one hell of an upgrade set, and really gets my juices flowing to start the A-0 very soon. All PE is superbly made, and the instructions are perfectly clear to follow.


Despite only completing my Do 335 a couple of months ago, these sets are sort of spurring me on to build the not-yet-released Do 335A-0 very soon. They offer heaps of refinement and extra detail that I was so keen to add to my first build. I do feel that building the model again, will offer an entirely different and even more pleasurable experience than I first had. Some areas will be quite finicky to detail but the reward will be very good. Others will entirely propel the model into a different class of detailing. In all, I am very impressed.


VERY highly recommended


My sincere thanks to Profimodeller for these review samples. To order directly, click the links in the article.


James H




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Excellent Jim. Thanks very much for the time and effort you put in to produce these reviews.


Just need to decide which ones to get now.


I think they're pretty much all worthwhile. The kit office is great, but there are blank areas that need addressing, and some detail missing. The interior set nails that.


The 'exterior' set totally transforms the bomb bay and rear engine bay. They aren't too difficult to add either. No complicated surgery.


As for the pitot....definitely!!!! Barrels? YES!!!


If you order direct from Profimodeller, please let them know you saw the review here. ;)


...and tomorrow, I get my arse into gear and publish the ZM Ho 229 review...

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