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My Work Area/Stash

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I never posted a picture of my bench or stash before, so here goes.


The bench is in a little side room that doubles as a storage room where my parents keep books and stuff. I'm kind of anti-claustrophobic and love being in a cozy little space, so it works really well for me. The compressor is in my dad's shop, so I airbrush stuff out there, but for building most stuff, space isn't an issue despite the cramped feel. Overall, when I play music on my speakers and I'm getting into a model, I achieve modeling Moksha, haha.


The stash is mainly a collection of great deals that I've taken advantage of in high school and college. Other kits in it are where the part of my paycheck goes that doesn't go into savings, lol. Since my other interests and hobbies are not very costly (besides golfing) I justify getting modeling stuff and don't really have any regrets.


Sorry about the quality, the pics are off my Samsung phone, not my Canon, so stuff is a little blurry.


Also, these are action shots. No effort whatsoever was made to clean up anything, nor were the kits in the stash organized or posed. This is just a quick glimpse of my modeling existence, not a picture-perfect layout for a magazine, haha.


If you have any questions about anything you see in the stash or want to see better pics of anything, feel free to ask!








And these are the few kits I keep right at the bench because they are either semi-in-progress (the Corsair), are on deck (the Panzer II), or are my motivation to keep working on my current project so that I can move onto cooler things (the Zero).



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Superb stash - there's loads I'd want in my collect. D'you know ... I just can't find a Tamiya 1/32 Zero anywhere. I want one to build along side the 1/16th one I'm starting (yup 1/16th). Also I seriously fancy that 1/72 U-Boat (heresy I hear cries - but it's fairly large so I'll build it private).

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nice stash and work area.  brings back very fond memories of my first bench.  that A6M3 will be a winner its a great kit (assumption it builds like the A6M2)


Scale Hobbyist carries plenty of Tamiya 1:32 kits as well as the A6M2 and A6M5:  Scale Hobbyist Tamiya 1:32 Offerings 


Always, always mark your calendar for Squadron's Black Friday sale.  Budget $250 for stuff (kits, after market, consumables) ... fill cart with $500 of stuff and a 50% discount plus free shipping is applied.

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