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BoB bf 109 paint question

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Ok, so I'm working on a pair of Hasegawa 109 emil's, both will be finished out in BoB scheme. One will be Wick's bird, but I haven't decided on the other yet..


Ok, so here is the problem that I'm having. Wick's bird had the mottled green on the side of the fuselage and I'm curious as to how to get look just right. I had planned on using a make up sponge "borrowed" from my wife. You guys have any ideas?

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I'm gonna be building that same plane in 1/32 with the Cyberhobby kit one of these days. I've seen several builds with techniques ranging from cut up old paint brushes to micro-sponges. I think Eduard makes a masking set for that specific scheme. If not them, there's someone else out there who does, because I know I've seen it and almost bought it on one or two occasions.

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I reckon that has to be THE HARDEST scheme of any aircraft in WWII to pull off authentically, and that includes Luftwaffe twins in Wellenmunster


Such a mish mash and those dapples just too small to airbrush no matter how good you are


I'm definitely too scared to try it!







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