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  1. Totally agree! I like the 109, but prefer the 110. Do you reckon there would be any way to use HobbyBoss 110 hardtop? I really don't think the chassis is long enough
  2. Doogs, I'm right there with you! I really don't care too much for anything LR made after 1999. They became too soft if you know what I mean. I actually prefer the older Defender's that were the support vehicles. I just like the body style more.
  3. Ok. So on the side I dream of owning my own Camel Trophy Land Rover, but right now the best I can do is build a scale version. Anyone know of any 1/35 or larger Land Rover Defender 110 or Discovery? The only thing I'm aware are military versions made by HobbyBoss. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. I "tried" to build Hase's P-51 last year and gave up it. Just too many little things went wrong and it was a pain in the butt. I have built their 47 in 1/48 and I thought it went ok.
  5. Gotta love the Wolf Pack 47's! Gabby's is still my favorite.
  6. I'm being a little budget minded here due to the fact that Tamiya's 1/32 P-47 & 51 kits are well over $115 (the cheapest I've found), so I'm looking into other areas. Can anyone give me some insight into Hasegawa's 1/32 kits for both the P-47 and P-51? I know Tamiya has the best kits out there, but I can't ignore the price tag on the Hasegawa.
  7. The Corsair is my dad's favorite! I built Pappy Boyington's 883 for him for fathers day last year. I think these birds look beautiful in these colors. Good job!
  8. Thanks Dave! I appreciate it! Yeah, I just used the decals AFV provided. I think it had 4 different schemes. AFV's decals are pretty good, I've never had any problems with them settling down They blend in quite well.
  9. Thanks for the kind words Grant. I really appreciate it! I really need to fix the issue with the guns and paint the glass. I had used the rubber track that came with the kit and it's coming unglued in the picture, so that needs fixing as well. Needless to say I was a little more than busy during this build and didn't devote enough attention to it.
  10. Here is my M5A1 Stuart from AFV that I finished about three years ago. I was building this while my wife and I were planning our wedding, so I can honestly say that my mind might have been elsewhere...which would explain why I have apparently forgotten to finish the little touches, like the guns. This is also the first time I have posted anything on here. Comments welcome.
  11. Grant, I'm glad you were able to help to! I was starting to give my screen the death stare! Thanks again! Thomas, all I did was click on the link and it copied it. Maybe it depends on the OS you're running? Would that have anything to do with it? I'm a pilot, not a IT guy...
  12. Dave, I built this kit the year before and while PE isn't exactly my thing, I think it built up pretty well. I like AFV's Armour kits and I enjoyed this little tank. Your's is looking really good and I'll be following along. I'll try to upload a picture of mine this evening when I get home from work...but I'll post it elsewhere. I don't want to take away from your build.
  13. Grant, Thank you! That helped a lot. I have a photobucket account and was playing around with it this morning but I couldn't for the life of me figure it out...I felt more than a little stupid actually
  14. So we have use url's to upload images of our work? You'll have to excuse my ignorance, I'm new to uploading my work on here. If someone could walk me through how to do so that would be awesome...I seem to have some trouble with this thing.
  15. Ok, I was looking that over again and I thought you might have post shaded. I really like how that turned out!
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