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Wings Cockpit Figures 2013 releases

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Wings Cockpit Figures 2013 releases (Part 1)

Wings Cockpit Figures
Catalogue & price: see article for inventory
Available from Wings Cockpit Figures and MDC





Steve Warrilow is a name you might have heard of. If you are a WW1 aviation modeller, there is certainly an excellent chance. Steve is one of the amazingly talented sculptors behind David Allen's 'Wings Cockpit Figures' company. We recently took a look at the first releases from this exciting enterprise, so when David told me the next set were in transit, I couldn't wait. Woohaa!


A rather large box landed here at SP&R HQ these days, and when opened, it was very difficult to hide my enthusiasm for what was within. We were lucky enough to receive the following sets.

  • RFC07B, "The Fighting Fees", RFC FE.2b Pilot & Gunner, £30
  • LSK04, Seated LSK Pilot, for Fokker Eindecker (E.II and E.III), summer 1915 to autumn 1916, £15
  • LSK07A, Seated LSK Pilot, for Fokker D.VII, May 1918 onwards, £15
  • LSK10, LSK Pilot in Greatcoat, 1914 – 1918, £13.50
  • LSK11, LSK Pilot in Heinicke parachute harness, April 1918 onwards, £13.50
  • LSK08, LSK Hannover/LVG Pilot & Observer, £30.00
  • LSK05A/B, LSK Albatros Pilot & Mechanic set, £27.50 (pair) or £15.00 (pilot) and £13.50 (mechanic)
  • LSK05E, LSK Albatros Pilot sitting on cockpit side (Karl Menckhoff), £15.00

As you can see from the main photo, all of these figures are packaged into sturdy, clear plastic boxes which are clearly labeled with the contents. Of course, David has put two sets into one box for the purpose of my samples. If you order individual sets, you should receive these in separate boxes. Inside each box, the figure set is contained within a small zip-lock bag, and there's a Wings Cockpit Figures business card to tuck into your wallet.


This month is rather a 'German heavy' affair, with only a single RFC set released. I'm sure not complaining though, as you will now see what I consider to be some of the very finest carving I've seen, and as these are cast at MDC, you can be assured that the product quality is exceptional. All sets are cast in a high quality light grey resin by a company that seriously cares about its quality. I've seen Bob cast his sets at first hand, and can testify to that.


The majority of these sets are cast in parts, whereas a small number are single piece. Some sets also offer up different options for heads, so you can choose your pilot to wear goggles, or to be more informal in appearance. Let's take a look at each one in turn.


RFC07B, "The Fighting Fees", RFC FE.2b Pilot & Gunner




This set comprises two figures, which are cast in various parts. The seated pilot is cast as a single figure, with the exception of his left hand which can be positioned to suit the aircraft's control stick. The figure looks suitably sinister with his face obscured by scarf, helmet and goggles. Sat slightly hunched with his thick greatcoat, he looks superb. His backside is cast so that he fits precisely into the Fee's seat.






The gunner comprises the main body, but with separate left arm, right glove and scarf which hangs outwards with the air-flow of the aircraft. The gunner himself is in standing position, and facing towards the read of the aircraft, and will hold the rear facing MG.


LSK04, Seated LSK Pilot, for Fokker Eindecker (E.II and E.III), summer 1915 to autumn 1916





This figure comprises 7 grey resin parts. The breakdown is the main body with legs, 2 separate arms, scarf, and THREE choices of head. The body is carved with a great looking fur-trimmed flying jacket and knee-length boots. The arms pose so that one lays upon the control column, and the other resting on the cockpit side. These look beautiful when trial assembled. The head options are for two with different goggle styles, and one not wearing goggles. Again, carving is exceptional.


LSK07A, Seated LSK Pilot, for Fokker D.VII, May 1918 onwards





This figure's parts breakdown only extends to two parts, but again, the carving, pose and detail are extremely good. This seated pilot certainly looks perhaps a little older with his moustache and facial features. Perhaps his experience entitled him to fly the Fokker D.VII? Who knows. The figure has his left hand/flying gauntlet as a separate part, and his hand appears to be in a position to hold something, but you will need to check the control column location to see if that is the case. He may just be holding his hand in a loose fist.


This figure is wearing a sort of harness, so perhaps this means he was carrying a parachute? Please check your references.


LSK10, LSK Pilot in Greatcoat, 1914 – 1918





This is a single piece casting of a German aviator standing up and wearing a thick greatcoat. The pose of the figure with his arms bent and hands in pockets, is a very common pose seen in many period images. He wears his flying helmet, but with his goggles lifted. His facial expression looks as if he is purposefully posing with his aircraft, so this is one figure which would suit just about any aircraft. His style of attire means that he could be from any period of the war. Your options really are open with this one.


LSK11, LSK Pilot in Heinicke parachute harness, April 1918 onwards





This single piece casting certainly has a dramatic flair to him, and an the unmistakable presence of a veteran pilot. Wearing a Heinicke parachute harness which is fastened around the waist with a chunky adjustable belt, the pilot is carved in a standing position. He wears flying boots, and also boot extenders. His jacket collar is work high with his scarf, and he still wears his flying helmet. Steve has immaculately carved a very serious face on this pilot, but added a little standing drama to his presence by carving a cup in his hand, with his arms folded. What is he drinking? Coffee, beer? The choice is yours with this one. I think he looks like he deserves a Weiβbier. Another masterpiece from Steve Warrilow. You'll not be crestfallen with this release!



LSK08, LSK Hannover/LVG Pilot & Observer



As the title suggests, this is a two figure set, and is designed to complement the Wingnut Wings Hannover and LVG C.VI kits. The pilot set is composed of 5 pieces of light grey resin. His body and legs are a single piece, whilst his arms and head are separate. His left hand is a separate piece also. There are two choices of head. One is a young facially featured one, with goggles retracted, whilst the other is an older mustachioed character with his goggles deployed. The pilot wears a harness and a standard flying jacket. This figure is designed to fit the seats of the aircraft as his posterior is cut away to suit a natural fit.










The observer is made up from 4 parts. Both arms are separate, as is the head. The body and legs are cast as a single part, and standing up in his aircraft position. The arm socket for this is a different shape to that of the pilot so that you can't mix anything up. Again, this figure is wearing a harness, standard flying jacket with a high-worn and wrapped scarf. His boots are thick, fleece lined and full length.


LSK05A/B, LSK Albatros Pilot & Mechanic set



This set is specifically designed to fit an Albatros D.V/D.Va due to the inside leg camber on the mechanic. You could indeed get away with perhaps using the pilot alone on a different aircraft though. The pilot himself is made up from 2 parts. The entire body is one part, and the head separate. The pilot is posed in a way that he appears to be adjusting his collar on his fleece lined flying jacket. He wears a harness, and his flying boots are supplemented by puttees. His gloves are also fleece too. Again, his seat is shaped to fit the aircraft cockpit.








The mechanic, as stated, sits astride the rear fuselage of the Albatros, leaning forward to attend to the pilot. He is cast in 4 parts. The legs and body as one piece, and with separate arms and head. Properly positioned, this hands should be in contact with the rear of the pilots collar. Wearing typical ground-crew attire, jacket with shoes and puttees, he also sports a soft, peaked cap, and this gentleman has an immaculately trimmed moustache. For me, this is one of the highlights from this month's releases, and I will most certainly use this for my forthcoming Bavarian Albatros D.Va.


LSK05E, LSK Albatros Pilot sitting on cockpit side (Karl Menckhoff)



Kark Menckhoff was a recipient of the Pour le Merite, or the Blue Max as we commonly know it. He was an accomplished pilot who took to the skies relatively late in life, and was eventually made a POW in mid 1918. Steve Warrilow has carved his figure to fit the WNW Albatros fighters, as his pose is one where he is sat on the edge of the cockpit coaming, on the port side of his aircraft. His body, arms and legs are moulded as one, but there are three options for his head. One head has goggles deployed, whilst the other two have different styles of flying helmet and different facial expressions.






Menckhoff is say with his hands on his lap, wearing no gloves. He wears a standard flying suit with harness, and he also wears shoes, and not boots. His lower legs just have his trousers hanging normally. This would indicate an intentionally posed figure, and not one which has just flown, or about to fly his machine. These poses were very common during the war, so this looks very natural.


Well, I'm absolutely blown away with these. I've never really reviewed figures much in the past, but I've certainly enjoyed spending time looking over these new releases. Steve's carving is among the very best I have seen, and he captures the entire aura of the period with his work. The figures are all unique looking, facially, unlike some companies who use computers to help generate their figures. Flying uniforms, with their creases and other naturally occurring details are just simply amazing. I'm utterly lost for words with these. I can't wait to see the next releases.


Casting is by MDC, and is superb, without exception. Bob's expertise means the moulds have been properly paired so that there is very little in the way of seams to remove, and no flaws can be found anywhere on these sets. Casting spouts will need to be removed from most parts, but these are situated on areas which don't interfere with the part detail, such as on head sockets and boot soles.


What else can I say, but.....


Very highly recommended

James H

Our sincere thanks go to Wings Cockpit Figures for the review samples I've used. To purchase directly, click THIS link.


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These are all very nice and all but where can they be purchased from?


I've tried emailing David Allen but 2 weeks on nothing and MDC has nothing listed on their product catalogue! 


Can anyone provide a definitive list or retailers of WWI 1/32 scale figures please as hunting them down is proving rather tricky!

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