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Tamiya 1:12 scale Mini made by my wife!

chris watton

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I bought an Airfix kit that contained two modern Mini kits over Christmas, and surprisingly, my wife decided that she'd have a go!


She made both, and they didn't look too bad at all, so I bought her a larger model, the Tamiya 1:12 scale Rover Mini 1.3i


She spent the past two weeks in the evenings painting and gluing the parts together, and this is the result, with no help from me!






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LOL, Cheers Jim!


I have bought her the revel 1:24 scale '60's Mini and the VW 24th Camper van for her to get her teeth into!


I have the 24th Hawker Typhoon - although I have no idea when I'll get chance to have a go at it - when I see some of the breathtakingly fantastic models on here, it make me want to make a start.... 

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