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Sourcing assorted fine coated and uncoated flexible wire for scratchbuilding


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Hello guys,


I need to find a good source of various fine wires for detailing a (Spitfire) cockpit. So far I have coated (insulated) 20 gauge stuff, too thick; and 0.015 lead free fly-tying wire (too thick for some of the detail). Also some solder, which is again too thick. I like the kind Roy Sutherland adds to his Spitfire cockpit set but have no idea where one could find a spool of it. Also would like super thin insulated wire (like 0.01-0.02 inch) thick but I don't find it at Radio Shack.


Secondly, does anyone have a hint for how to pick out the added wires with a brush after attaching them? I can't imagine how one would paint all around them without getting paint all over the surrounding green detail.


Thanks for any suggestions!



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Hi there,


Do you have any form of household waste disposaorder near you?


I raid the one we have on our street. The law says to separate waste so old electric waste should be easy to find.

old stereo speaker cables and P.C wiring works well. Aslo radios (older ones)

It worth a look....





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UMM-USA carries lead wire .02mm up to 1.0 mm also old computer fans have real fine wire any real small cheap can motor will give loads of fine wire.

Aw hell PM me an address and I'll send you some if you want.



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Thanks but how would one know what a wire feels like without first handling it?



Copper and brass are a bit stiff but not to much to bend and shape it. If you anneal them they become very soft but not as soft as lead so they still keep their shape quite easily. 



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Talk to a fisherman who ties his own flies.

I have a spool of dark copper wire at 0.012". Malleable but stiff enough to retain stiffness.


Those wire ties for baggies are easy enough to prepare. Simply strip off the paper or plastic sheath.


I also have miles of copper wire from stray lengths of cable found on roadsides.


This all from a preoccupation with anything scrap-like that had a passable use in s/building.



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Check with Berry Berman. Here is his post from Hyperscale trading page.


"Choose from the following sizes and types. Hard .002 inch diameter stainless steel, hard .004 brass, half hard .004 stainless steel, half hard .005 steel, soft .006 copper, and hard .010 brass. You get a one hundred foot length packaged as a three inch diameter coil for $2.50 which includes postage to USA addresses.

Also available. One thousand grit polishing cloth. You get six sheets that each measure three and a half by nine inches for $2.50 which includes shipping to USA addresses.

Paypal accepted at berman4@netzero.com. Be sure that your order includes your mailing address. If you have any questions, please write to me at berman4@netzero.com"

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