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Any aftermarket for the Revell Hawker Hunter?

James H

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Hi guys and gals, 


Does anyone know what exactly is available for the 1:32 Revell Hawker Hunter? I'm more interested in what's happening in the cockpit, and that seat looks seriously shit.


I've been asked to build this for a mag, and want to make an effort with this one.

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Hi Jim


True Details do a reasonable upgrade 'pit at a good price. The seat is the best aspect.


Flightpath do something complex and quite expensive.. lots of PE.. :)


To be honest, I doubt it needs much more. The weakest part after the 'pit arethe main u/c bays which don't have any undercut (for obvious reasons) and are particularly un-prototypical  where they meet fuselage.


Nice kit.. you've done one haven't you...?



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Seat's the best part of the set and it does fill the pit with a nice non-shit-sit-upon....


Even their set simplifies the area behind the seat, but there aren't many images of the area on the net that I could find.


If you want any photos of this area (I have a couple) then PM me.


Thing with the Hunter is that it's sleek and simple.  Take care with the whole engine intake, forward to rear fuselage and wing joins. If you take a while to dry fit and make some adjustments it will all go together quite nicely. I'd tell you more but it's been so long since I did this I've forgotten what I did..


I wish Revell had released the two seat tooling (they couldn't come to an agreement with the Echelon chap - as Revell had clearly copied his work)... oh well...



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