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WNW Roland DV.Ib

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Started this back in Sept last year but she got pushed aside for the Horten and Mig. Anyway this is my first ever WNW kit, despite having a dozen in the stash.


What can I say, but WOW, she just falls together. Here's a few in progress pics...
















Lozenge is Aviattic's fabulous tailored set.



All the best



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This kit is great and absolutely fun to build! I will be watching it with beer and popcorn in hands :)

@TeWika: The rivets on this one are factory built ;) You have to add the ones around the seam of the fuselage halves only


Best regards,

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Cheers guys.


Ted, Gunze and Tamiya are my normal paints along with life color when I need to do some brush work. Wood etc is gunze base then oil paints over the top. Wing lozenge were weathered in with Tamiya smoke then various coloured oil paint dots blended with a damp brush with white spirit.

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