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spitfire MkXVI quistions


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hello with the groupbuild coming closer I just wonder of this kit needs some aftermarket?

Looking on the web I found a lot off things.

Are ther things that have to be changed on this kit?

Im talking about the Tamiya kit.


Thanks Mark

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No, not really, Mark. The Barracuda resin enhancements are a good refinement for the cockpit. If you don't like the rubber-like types you can use their wheels too.

Don't use Rolls-Royce logos on the cylinder heads as the Mk. XVI used the Packard Merlin... You could also use the Master barrels for the "e"-wing, that'll make the guns look super, although usually the cannon and MG-muzzles would be taped when the guns were loaded.

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These: http://hgwmodels.cz/en/seatbelts/162-spitfire-late-seatbelts-132-132004.html?search_query=spitfire&results=10 


I'm not aware of a laser-cut version of them yet, but cutting them out is really not all that difficult. 


Nope, according to Edgar Brooks those seatbelt were used post-war. During the war the used the old type Sutton seatbelts



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