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  1. small restart on this beast. i need to take the dust off Mark
  2. so far so good now going for the fine tuning on this side. but thats work for next year Mark
  3. just wonderfull work with the details Mark
  4. Thank you all first engine in the books its a stand alone kit but will be on display next to the kit. now going for the second one that will go into the car Thats it for now Mark
  5. going tru the stash in the hobby room and found a normal carbord box look what whas inside. I must be crazy Hs748 awacs 1/32 started long ago and put back in the box because i lost the mojo for it now i know why its damn a lot off work to get this right but maybe i will do a few things on here. Mark
  6. just wow on the pit i love it this will be a master piece Mark
  7. thank you all engine almost done still needs a few parts so far with engine nr 1 that comes on a service cart the second one will be in the car going for the final details on this one this week i hope to have pics up this weekend Mark
  8. Fresh from the printer Drax 1/4 bust Hours off fun to paint
  9. just catch up reading your topic great work you are doing and nice masking work. Love it Mark
  10. When i whas painting Yondu my twins (13 years)ask me can we also paint a figure. So why not starting to print Loki 1/12 buste with base. Now the are starting the first ever bust. How the base looks hard at work So far so good and the like it the are just started and are asking what will be the next buste or sculptere. So there go my space on the table But its fun to see them work on it Mark
  11. thank you all here another paint update yes i know always paint. Mark
  12. more stuff on the engine still not ready still nneds exhaust oil filter and more Mark
  13. so this is 1/6 yondu 3D printed then a few hours fun off painting and a big learning curve for me. Turnd out good and much learnd the sculpture is aboute 48cm with the base Enjoy When i go for another sculpture i will make a wip only have to think what will be next Mark
  14. moving on to the front Mark
  15. Thanks Peter and that is the most easy way i found for painting the camo It takes a lot off time but im going to get there but first i need more tape Thanks and the next pic will be uo in a few min I think a lot off kits going to be collector items because there are not that many out there Im also a proud owner off a catalina 1/32 and yes i will build that beast only dondt know when. Mark
  16. loving it already Whats your opinion off this kit so far from what you can tell from whats in the box? Mark
  17. and still painting still needs retouch Mark
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