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  1. Late to the party here but you are doing a great job Dondt give up now Mark
  2. take your time you will get it right Mark
  3. Thanks all the hours off painting and pollishing payd off Mark
  4. Thanks still working on the last parts just need to make the rear wing and put it in to place Mark
  5. Thanks Harv a lot off hours whent in to the paint job before i whas happy Thanks Mark
  6. just tryd multiple and it works strange Mark
  7. anny one here use imgur to upload there pics? I cant upload pics Thanks Mark
  8. Damn going to the lhs to grab the mh-60r before the are going crazy prices Mark
  9. thank you all small update 1 side done about 110 rivets in place now going for the other side Mark
  10. nice brings back some memories to 1996 when i had the luck to go for a ride in one. looking forward to your progress Mark
  11. first update drilling all the holles for the rivets the rivets with a diameter off 0.8 mm lets have fun Mark
  12. recievd this week About 1400 resin rivets and 800 metal and some tools still underway isthe paint now the rivets are here lets have fubto put them in place Mark
  13. well done Nice Porsche Mark
  14. you are welcome happy to help people out welcome to the party Harv Mark
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