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  1. ok i will follow this fore sure this kit is on the whant list for long Very nice work you are doing Mark
  2. the wooden wonder

    hello to you all the next kit i will start is the mosquito from tamiya yes another one I hope to make a start soon on this one Mark
  3. the wooden wonder

    ok more things done on one off the engines.more wire started the cleanup of one of the suports of the engine After but stil more cleanup to do Mark
  4. Starfighter Volker Air Base

    nice paint job Mark
  5. Hasegawa fw 190 A8 Walther Dahl JG 300

    very nice work on the pit and rivetting I will follow have tree Fw190 in the stash and also planning to rivett the plane what didt you use for riveting Mark
  6. the wooden wonder

    I have used XF71 from tamiya Mark
  7. the wooden wonder

    ok here a update on whats done so far i have made a small start ononeof the brassin engines also things done on the pit and nose gunbay Mark
  8. to rivet or not

    Hello i have a P-47D from hasegawa in the stash but when i look at the kit and the drawings i have,there are no rivets on the kit When i do a search for the trumpeter all the rivets are there The same go for the Fw190 that i have What do you guys think put the rivets on off leave theme off Thanks Mark
  9. Revell 1/32 Bf109 Erla G10 Yellow 24

    nice one great work Mark
  10. Yet another Tamiya Corsair Birdcage 1/32

    very nice work on the corsair I have to finnish mine keep going Mark
  11. the wooden wonder

    thanks to you all progress will be slow a lot of work these days so not much time for building Also i have a corsair to finnish but will try to see of i can have a update this week
  12. The Strafer

    Hello this is the kit where im working on for the moment. The kit is from hk models. Things done so far. pit floor and turret gunners floor. some major parts done. tailgunner. Part of the pit. Turret gunners position. More to come. Mark
  13. The Strafer

    I will go for foil for almost all the way. Just the complex forms suchs as the back end off the engine nacless i have done with alclad. All the rest is foil. If you dondt have any expirience with foil try it on a test model. more things done. Mark
  14. The Strafer

    Take a look over here. http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=47828&page=1 Mark
  15. The Strafer

    More foil fun. Mark
  16. The Strafer

    Firt wing almot done after 16 hours. Mark
  17. The Strafer

    After 12 hours of fun with the foil. Mark
  18. 1/32 Revell Bf 109G-10 Erla build

    I love the paaint job great work. Alo with the decals keep going. Mark
  19. The Strafer

    More foil fun on one of the wings. Mark
  20. The Strafer

    Yes i know its not the first one im going to do I know but i have the pics. What i have done today a small start on the foil. these parts are easyer to do when he wings are not in place. Mark
  21. The Strafer

    thanks for the nice words and the white its putty from tamiya. there will be not much paint on this one. The plan is to foil this bird. Mark
  22. The Strafer

    Finaly more progress. side gunner done. tail gunner. last vieuw before closing the feuselage. All major components ready. Mark
  23. Hello here my entree for the group build. The kit. And some stuff that i already have Just need the seatbelts and wheels. Mark
  24. 1/32 Revell Bf 109G-10 Erla build

    thanks for the pigment tip. Will try tha out on the spitfire. Keep the pics comming. Mark