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foamboard tray for pointy things


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I love to use foamboard....my whole workspace is covered with it.
Started to use it to protect the dining table* from damage, but I started to stick in all kinds of sharp objects from day one.
And one step further...


.....the moveable sharp stuff tray was born. :)


A photo frame...removed the glass and back panel...cut a piece of foamboard to the right size and secured it with the frame clamps.

When I need more space...I don't have to pull out all the tools stuck all over the place...I just move the tray a bit.


Now I think of it....I can also drill some holes in the wooden frame for more drill bits and pin vice.

Will make the piece of foamboard last longer.







*moved from my own hobby room to the dining table for social reasons.

Table for eight and just the two of us, so only need to clear it when we get dinner guests.

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no need to worry about the blades, even the heavier X-acto for wider blades stays in. There's no danger it will tople over. Not even with a rounded tip blade.

In fact, the main reason I mounted the foamboard in a photo frame, is because without the extra weight you easily lift the tray up when you pull out a blade.

Even with all the other stuff on it.


What I won't dart in, is my pin vice, the weight will likely cause a fine drill bit to break.


Can also just tape a piece of foamboard to a desk, but can't move that of course.

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I tried this with the blue foammatt from constuction, that turned all metal dull very fast. Don't know what foam you're using, you noticed that yet?


I thank you for posting it and hope you keep posting ideas.

All space saving ideas and organize plans are welcome and will always help someone.





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It's a light soft white foam in between two thick layers of paper.

I use it for some years now and it doesn't make blades blunt...not that I noticed anyway.

The thick paper keeps the knives from topling over....the foam alone won't be enough.


These boards are often used in offices...my wife is my supplier.

She uses them for presentations/meetings with construction drawnings stuck to them.

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