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Best magnifier for glasses wearers?


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Hi all, needing a bit of advice from my fellow myopics!


Whilst slogging through the sanding,filling,scribing stage on my Flogger I've realised I need a decent magnifier system as the little stand based one I have is no use in many situations. Looking around the OptiVisor seems popular and reasonably priced - my question though is can it be worn with glasses?


I've also seen the eye glasses style loupes which look ok but most seem to have very high magnification which I'd have thought would lead to issues with focal length and depth.


Any advice welcome. Thanks, Gus

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Hi Alexandr,


Thanks for that. I hadn't realised they did one. The price looks similar here to the OptiVisor but it looks lighter to wear, so I'll have a look at that.


Regards, Gus

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I always wear glasses with my Optivisor. SWMBO calls them "dorknoids". Even when I have my contacts in I also have on my "cheater" glasses. 1.5 power reading glasses that are sold at the local drug store.

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