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Hi all ...


Apologies to Mods if i've stuck this in the wrong topic section - feel free to shift it if needs be!!


I just got back from my two weeks up north ... In my spare time, while I was up there, I did my usual hunting around on the net for kit's going at reasonable prices.


I came across the P-61 going at a steal at one of my local (read Australian) suppliers. 


Not being familiar with the aircraft at all I did some brief research online - via Wikipedia. The key points for me were that:


* It was developed specifically for the night fighter role.

* It was used in all WWII theatres - meaning it fits in well with my ETO/African subject focus

* It fulfilled it's design/role function remarkably well - and much better than a lot of it's peers (if not all) ...


... This gave me enough incentive to take a punt - and so, here we are!


Basic Questions:


* Being a Hobby Boss kit, I'm anticipating the need for corrections. Any glaring errors that need to be handled?

* What adjustments are needed to construct the kit into a reasonably accurate ETO night fighter?

* AM decals for ETO will surely be needed ... any suggestions?

* AM details for Obvious areas (i.e.: gun barrels, cockpit etc)?




Rog smile.png

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Here you go!




The kit is a mixture of A and B models but nothing to major to correct...


I am actually thinking of pulling out this kit very shortly too!


Dave ...


Thanks heaps for pulling that one out for me!! :D


I've given it a brief look through ... and although it answers a couple of questions (due, mainly to my lack of knowledge on the subject matter) it doesn't answer some key questions ...


The 'in-box' making options are for PTO birds, correct? ... Since I'm looking to build an ETO kite, are there any AM decal options available out there to your knowledge? ... Would I be looking to build an A variant for ETO ... or a B? ...


That AM cockpit looks very nice! ... and with all that 'glass' frontage, I'd suggest that I'd probably need to acquire that one!


Any other AM that you'd suggest given my target subject matter?


Rog :)

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hi Rog


I am not familiar with this aircraft particularly, but i recall in the run-up to its release and immediately afterwards that Derek Bradshaw did lots of work / research on this kit?


This was on LSP I believe?


Anyway, it depends on how accurate you want it to be? If this is a big concern for this project, I would hop over there and search out his posts on the subject


Sorry i couldn't answer myself!

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Colin, if you have relish resin bits.. I would be interested in them, if your willing to split


Damn ... you beat me!! :D ... Is any of the AM still available for this kit online anywhere?


I'll definitely need a few upgrades ... and I'm pretty sure I'll need to do an "A" conversion for ETO 


Rog :)

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There all the Eduard set for it. True details does a front & rear cockpit set for it, they also do a wheel set too. Proifmodeller has some stuff too.


Thinking about it... I may have a spare rear pit... I think I ended up with two for some reason

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