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1:32 Carro Comando M42 with fake gun barrel (German army)


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1:35 Carro Comando M42 with fake gun barrel  

[German army]

Brach Model
Catalogue #BM123
Available from Brach Model for 95€




Brach Model is a name that every single armor modeler knows (Brach model has also have some aircraft sets in 1:32 in Brach Model Wings series), and it`s concomitant to two words: quality and originality.

The man behind Model Brach, Luciano Brach Xanino, is a craftsman of the highest quality and commitment. A true master.

The Brach Model is a good example of how to work the resins and how to offer modelers, top quality products.

When I got a message from Luciano tell me that he was sending the M42 commando car with fake gun for review, I thought to myself: Fake Gun? M42 in german colours with fake gun?

A bit of googling and nothing… not even in WOT (world of Tanks)…

With a more intense look up I did manage to find a M42 Commando car with fake gun model kit – a kit bashing made with Brach Model`s M15/42), made by a modeler with a different interpretation of Brach release - http://pinupminiaturesstudio.blogspot.pt/2012/02/carro-commando-m42-and-m1542-tank.html


That version has the fake gun on the side gun port… But if we check the images that were found on the Internet and gentle given to me by Luciano Brach Zanino (and that are on M42 instructions), it`s almost certain that the gun side turret still have the gun, and a simple and fake gun is attach to the middle of the upper hull.


The turret is removed, and ports are added on the top. Nothing more is visible.


Check up yourself.





The place and division are totally unknown.

You can clearly see the fake gun and the absence of the turret.

The balkenkreuz is perfectly visible on the portside.

On the first image you can see the laid down radio antenna.

On the second, the other portside antenna is up and it has an “A” hand-written next to it.


On both images it`s pretty clear that the paint of this M42 is not an overall camouflage scheme, neither panzer grey or grey-green Italian.

It looks like more a three-tone camouflage of sand with green and reddish-brown stripes. But now, that`s me guessing.

Anyway, unless you obtain or know any other info, I think this camouflage is a good start.

Nevertheless, if any of LSM members have any more info about this particularly M42 version, please just drop me a line.


This one is quite similar with M42 Commando Car also from Brach Model (BM076) but this one has one more antenna and the fake gun.


So resuming, the main differences that I can spot from the M15/42 are the missing turret, commando top doors, the fake gun barrel and the radio antennas.


Now let`s deep our toes in to the resin and you get plenty with this one.


As usual with Brach Model, the parts come perfectly packed in several and small plastic bags, with the different sections of the model.


All come very cozy in sturdy and well padded package.

The resin is in dark grey with nice engraved details, with no bubbles or distortions at first look.


The most fragile parts like the antennas, the photo-etched sheet and the decals come on the top inside of the box, stuck with tape, in order to preserve them and prevent breaking.


The resin is in dark grey colour with flawless casting at first look.

The resin blocks are easy to remove, and only the smallers parts need some extra cleaning, but not much.


The first thing I noticed about this release as soon as I started to messing around was: “hum…. Where`s the interior?”


Yup, no interior.


I confess that I was expecting the interior details as I was fortunate enough to see it on R40 and in the Springer…


But thinking about it, it quite logical no to have it… The commando version did not have the canon and the ammo rack for it. Instead should have some radios and other internal disposition. So all the interior should be quite a different from the regular M15/42.


Starting with the lower hull, I really like it when a model brings up that hull in one single piece.








For me, it`s a bit stressful to have to put together the lower hull with no locations pins. It’s a central piece of the model so all the parts must be aligned correctly, and in this case they are just by taking out of the plastic. J

It’s an extra time saver for the modeler. For examples, Brach Model R40 did not have a full hull.

The lower hull is very well cast, with rivet, locking points for the undercarriage and suspension and it present itself with no warping or distortion.


The upper hull, is a full cast, modified one for this version, with close with a very well reproduced detail about the command doors, and their hinges and handles.









The fake gun is given in a single and hollow barrel, with a silhouette very similar to the one we can see in the real picture. Brach really caught the look of it, that is a barrel but not a barrel cannon.






All the engine compartments have sharp detail and all the hatches can be left open, so this one is crying out for an engine.








The rivets are prominent but very characteristic of these vehicles (M15/42) and not being a rivet counter, for the pics I saw and some references have, they look all there… anyway who´s counting?










The back of the M15/42 is quite distinctive, with an all design for the engine deck, rear armour plate and exhaust cover.




All these distinctive specifics are present in this model which left nothing to chance.

Similarly the right-side access hatch and the mud-removing device on the sprocket are also present, with accuracy and detail.



These typical M15/42 details are not forgotten and are very well achieved.


The running wheels, the suspension bogies, the sprocket and the idler wheels are prefect reproduce with all the details and the complexity of all this mechanism is quite well present on this replica.

















The wheels are perfect cast with very tiny details.






You can see on real photos that the road wheels have several and tiny holes around the rims.

Perfectly cast, with lots of little holes.


The fenders look quite authentic… I thought that they could be more thinner but seeing actual photos of M-15/42, they`re spot on.








You get 87 tracks links (link-to-link resin tracks), with quite good detail and all of them attached to a resin block.






So a tedious job as always is waiting the modeler.

The tracks are well cast, with the detail spot on, with nothing to report.

They are intended to click together, and they really click together. A delicate but not a totally task due the small size of them.


So a track link like Mirror Models or a custom one should make the job much easier.


The Renault R40 and the Springer did have resin tracks already without the resin block, so I don`t know why this option now. Maybe because the major base for the new M42 Commando car with fake gun is the M15/42 and the M42 launched sometime ago, way before R40 and Springer. Probable these two original model kit have the track links with the resin block attached.


The small photo-etched sheet only has plates and placards that are optional. As early said, only two pics are known so It can`t be confirm if these ones remains on the German commando version.




Nevertheless, the photo-etched parts are well engraved and with some good details.


The decal sheet only gives two balkenkreuz.



Now looking at the pics, looks like a small horizontal white line on it… Nothing to worry, because it`s simple to correct or just ot replace with the spare decal.

No other info is given by the pics… so with an unknown division


Several other details, like the headlight, hatches, handles, step ladder are beautiful cast, with some flash easy to remove.


















The radio antennas are so fragile, but cast in a fantastic way, because they will be up to the sky, and still the resin is quite flexible and resistant. So it looks like a real antenna but it`s resin! Top noch.




Down to the instructions.


The instructions is the low point of all Brach model that I ever had the pleasure to review. Saying that I thinkg thet this particulary ones are ones of the best I ever see in Brach Model.

Easy to understand and to follow. Ok no easy has Tamiya or the “God of Instructions” Wingnut Wings.












However, this model is intended for experient modeller, and for that I do know that these instructions would not be a problem. The show all the steps to get the work done, some steps are more intuitive than explicit, however a good study fo the kit parts and of the instructions will allow the average modeler to understand the concept of the parts and getting to the goal.

With these instructions the modeler will not need to use references to find the correct location of parts.




Brach Models give us products that are almost perfect. The resin is flawless, detail is sharp and the accuracy just spot on.

There is a little flash in the small parts, but are so thin and will be easy to remove.

None of the castings suffer from seam lines, and while some items are cast on communal casting blocks, a small number are cast in a shallow mould and just have a thin membrane of resin to remove from between the parts, like the wheels sets and tracks.

The lowest point of the entire model is the instructions. They are not bad (are a good guide throw the build) but comparing with all the other kit components, they are not that good.

The lack of interior, like I already said, is not low point but a wish for me.  And it`s not a low point because I know that Brach Models main goal is perfection, in detail and in accuracy. So knowing nothing about the display of the interior of the M42 Commando Car, Brach Models prefers not to put any interior than put some in a speculation mode.


A really unique model, that will stand out in any model contest or in your collection…

Already on mine pile to do… soon!!


Very highly recommended


Francisco Guedes


Our thanks to Brach Models for shipping this out to us in such a speedy manner. To purchase this directly, click THIS link.



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