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1/48 Airfix Bedford MWD

Alexandr Uhlik

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I am working several days on Airfix beautiful new Bedford.

My intention is to make this


Started by tuning up the gas tanks and rear fenders.


Next was the canvas top. As you can see on the original photo, the truck I am doing is of the fixed canvas type - i.e. it is considered a "van".
So I had to fabricate a frame for a canvas. I made a new canvas top for a cab, too.
Next will be filters, stains, dust, oil, rust etc. etc. etc. biggrin.png
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Nice!!!!  What did you use for the canvas - it looks great!

wooow!!! Yup... the canvas look fantastic!! what did you use?

Thanks guys, I'm glad you like it ;)

Well, the canvas :) No tricks guys, just a very thin light paper - the silk paper. It is very thin having one side glossy and the other flat with some sort of structure. Work is quite easy. You just need some thined white glue.

The only problem is the silk paper shrinks a lot when the glue dries. I know it because my canvas top construction collapsed during the first attempt :). The second time I've make the paper more relaxed and the result - you see :)


Thanks again


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