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Wood grain decals from..

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I'm tinkering with my WNW Snipe (Early) and I'm already think about that Albatros and the D.V.II..I noticed a link here on the forum for Uschi van der Rosten. So, curiousity being what it is, I checked it out and lo an behold I found wood grain decals used on the Albatros..So has anyone ever used these things? And if so, can you lend me some insight into them? I've already planned on using oils and acrylics to get the grain effect, but I'm always willing to try something new...and maybe slightly easier.



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I think I used Microset/Microsol...whichever is the least violent of the two. They didn't need anything apart from an initial application, and the decals conform well to the curves of the gunner cupola ring. I added area that in 4 parts.


I think the whole lot took a couple of hours to decal.


You have to lay down a base colour, and I post shaded the paint before adding the decals.

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