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De-tacking paint masks?


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Hi guys,


I've been trying out Alek's Maketar Kabuki masks for my Spitfire Mk IX build and have been running into a couple of issues with the multi-color (roundel) markings:

1) The masks are incredibly tacky, and applying and them and removing them necessitates a lot of pulling, which are deforming them.

2) Due to the fragile nature, "de-tacking" them on my skin results in damage to the masks too, by getting the elements separated. This is despite following the advice of holding them together with a length of masking tape. They still come apart from each other and the piece of tape holding them.

3) Since they're so sticky, I managed to pull off paint with the one center round mask for the wing roundels.

4) Also due to their tackiness, repositioning also requires a lot of tension to pull them off the surface repeatedly. (The outside frame obscures one's view so it's basically guesswork and trial and error until it's in the correct position).


I still need to do the most challenging ones - the fuselage roundels - 4 colors! Am I doing something wrong? How would one pull off and re-apply and pull off again the outside ring mask for the yellow, for example, without totally messing it up?


Thanks for any advice!



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Really Can't help you out as i never used paint mask.

Send Alek a PM on this forum (inspiração member) or send him an email explaining the situation.

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Matt I sorta pick up where Joe left off on the paint masks but if you would like to sample some of my try's let me know what you want and I'll try to get them to you. I'm not yet there at where Joe was but I'm getting there.



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Find a sign shop and see if they can give you some transfer tape.

It is a low tack tape used to transfer vinyl graphics. You can use it to work with the masks as it is lower in tack than the vinyl. I made a lot of masks for guys on forums , the vinyl was well received and easy to work with.

De-tacking on your person will introduce skin oils to the work , I suggest using a clean piece of glass or a tile.

Good luck!

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Hi Paul,

I just saw this - sorry. In the meantime, for the C1's I used Tamiya decals and they performed flawlessly (!)

Still if you'd like to try some let me know ok.



PS that goes for anybody else reading this just don't get carried away

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