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AFV Club's M5A1 Stuart

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I was doing a clean up downstairs and I found this! I remembered that I got it a couple years ago when Luckymodel had a sale... I got it at a crazy price like $12/15... Looking inside the box I have the AFV Club Track set and PE for it too... so I will try to get around to finishing it sometime soon...







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Dave, I built this kit the year before and while PE isn't exactly my thing, I think it built up pretty well. I like AFV's Armour kits and I enjoyed this little tank. Your's is looking really good and I'll be following along. I'll try to upload a picture of mine this evening when I get home from work...but I'll post it elsewhere. I don't want to take away from your build.

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I had some left over primer in my airbrush this morning.... so I have given it a quick blast...




I had a little dig around in the box also and found that I have a Blast Models Stowage Set...




And a Ultracast US Tanker figure



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